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Alternative Treatment for Cancer

Having had a great deal of exposure to the medical profession throughout my life noticing that many illnesses that affect people today have similar behaviors. I have had a great deal of exposure to these illnesses and there behaviors. I was a trained nursing assistant, a profession that is no longer in existence these days. Being a child who suffered many conditions including being in comas and a vegetated state as well as oxygen and flow problems throughout my body. These life experiences have given me first hand experience of the recovery process. You get to mix with many professional bodies and going through the conditions makes you some what understanding in what the body suffers and what requirement allow the body to recover from life threatening and serious illnesses.

During all my earlier hospital stays, doctor’s appointments and watching the people around me suffer with different elements I got to thinking what can I do to assist with my recovery? I watched many of people around me with illnesses similar to myself as well as other illnesses which reflected similar patterning although there illness was called by a different name to mine.

Some of the illnesses included Personality Disorder, Mental Illnesses, Behavior Problems, Cancer, Irritable Bowl and Huntington’s chorea, Aids, Tuberculosis and other infectious diseases. I noticed that many of these diseases had common ground to them displaying similar behaviors so I decided to investigate my observations in more detail. A dominating behaviour in many of these illnesses where of a chronicle nature, meaning one symptom had to appear firstly, before another one could follow.

Each symptom indicated the infecting illness which had to recover in full before other symptoms would present themselves. Doctors look at the presenting symptoms to treat the patient. Obvious symptoms will be at the focal point and most likely to be picked up easily by a doctor. Underlying effects will not be picked up until the symptoms are exposed and this could take several years to discover the cause and effects of unexposed symptoms.

Oxygen is a major component to all resources of the body needs and it is vital that the oxygen flows to all areas of the internal body to keep your organs healthy. Blocks in your eternal system through previous injuries, internal bruising, scaring, parasitical infestation, bacterial infections have stoped the flow of oxygen to parts of your body system causing disease or failure for the organ to work in its required manner. When oxygen fails to reach the inflicted organ then a rotting effect begins to occur. Without oxygen your internal organs will immediately become infectious and life threatening to the rest of the body system.

All illnesses have an intelligence which stands alone and normally comes from the need to survive. Survival intelligence has a superior intelligence which stands alone and will challenge for the rights to survive no matter what the cost maybe to the inflicting person. I have seen this form of intelligence fool many extremely gifted professionals. The illnesses appear to feed off all intelligence of the body system as well as all incoming intelligence around the person with the illness. Survival intelligence becomes a battle of the fittest and the strongest element of survival will be the victors. Survival intelligence works behind the scenes to outsmart a person to encourage its survival. Survival uses mind games to outwit its opponents. In the game of survival the winner will be decided by a battle of the person or illness with the strongest survival skills.

Survival intelligence has a tendency to play mind games which can be easily recognized when the patient demonstrates a behaviour which is uncharacteristic to the nature of the situation. It is human nature to be fearful, afraid or concerned at any serious illness which can cause death. In many cases I have noticed the person who is extremely ill with a possibility of death play the supportive role to others who are healthy and not in any apparent danger. This behaviour would be considered a demonstration of the illness survival at work and not of the person. It is important to recognize survival behaiours as to what is normal and what would be considered normal for someone faced with a survival situation. All survival situations require a behaviour of a fighting mechanism to survive. When a patient has an accepting attitude and is playing a role to encourage others then I would be extremely concerned as this would be considered not normal behaviour in a survival situation.

A great deal of these illnesses where formed through the eruption of the volcano around the ancient Egypt area hundreds of years ago. During the eruption it became a fight for survival and parasites entered the remaining human survivors. As the parasites mated inside the body, white cells where formed and became part of the body system. These white cells fooled many professionals due to there extreme intelligence and it was there superior intelligence that led to there inclusion as a healthy fact instead of an intruding fact in the human body. The parasitical eggs became know as white cells and became accepted as part of the human body system.

Many people lost there lives during this time and it was not realized that the illness of parasitical as well as bacterial forms can be passed through sexual interaction. Being unaware of the illness that infected the bodies white cells where inherited as part of the body system when in fact they belong to the parasitical creation. The infections were born in babies of those infected which appears to be a great percentage of the population. The Egyptian times of the infections of these people have been well demonstrated throughout history and the survival rates where extremely challenging with life expectancies greatly reduced with these infectious cells. Over time the cells have adapted well to the body and learnt better survival techniques which have posed a serious problem for our society. Antigen blood types where mostly affected by these intruding white cells as well as people who had overheated internal temperatures.

Numerous of these diseases are sexual transmitted, influenced by dietary conditions and of course personal behaviors, all have major influencing factors to what contributes to the illnesses. Another major contributing factor is the illnesses appear in a chronicle order. Block in oxygen flow which infects the organ will find its way through the blood system affecting the whole body making recovery a difficult process.

When the same illness can affect domestic and wild animals it is important to note the illness can have great strength behind it. As the intelligence has been gathered from different forms of creation then the intelligence can also include animal instincts. Animal instincts are one of the reasons for the person demonstrating a great deal of physical strength when the person carrying the illness feels its survival is threatened. Animals do kill and you would benefit from taking caution as it is possible for a person with an illness with animal instinct intelligence to act out of human character and kill another human been. The other caution that needs to be considered is the sexual habitats of those with animal instinct type of behaviour. As animals do have mating rituals and practices which are not considered acceptable human behaviour. Rapes and desires to release the parasites from the sexual organ in males can dominate the male’s behaviour to concerning levels affecting the safety and wellbeing of others in society.

I have study these conditions intensively and the facts have been proven .I have been using these parasitical, bacterial and meningitis holistic cures for over 30 years now with great success. Personal behaviours have been greatly influenced in all forms of illnesses. A word of warning with behavior based illnesses they are the most difficult to cure as there influenced greatly by mental as well internal intrusion and require a great deal of counseling’s. A profession counselor would need to determine the behavious in relation to human behaviour or is the behaviour coming from the illness desire to survive known as survival behaviour.

All the treatments in this paper have been used by myself to heal others who have been inflicted with serious diseases. Numerous professions dismiss the possibilities of what inflicts and causes these many forms of bacterial illnesses and oxygen failures. Internal rising blood and fluid temperatures’ is another alarming concern which causes great discomfort to the internal body system. Other threats to recovery come from the illnesses intelligence which has taken over many elements of the persons mind set causing the person to encourage the growth of the illness as both the illness desires survival as well as the inflicted person.

I discovered one’s blood touches all parts of the body running though every organ. I became convinced it was definitely a blood problem which was originally caused by a lack of flow of oxygen and other blocks in the internal system. My research came up with revelations that many people have unbalanced blood running through there bodies and inadequate oxygen supply to there internal organs.

I personally have O positive blood with a negative kel which gives my blood system a good balance. My blood type is considered rare as in the kel type as many people have positive kel types where I do not. I am also different as I don’t have white cells running through my system. I personally believe white cells are parasitical eggs which hide in the body system until the environment of the body causes them to hatch. These parasites take up oxygen and food supplies which would normally be solely for the organs in your body system. White cells have there own intelligence due to the fact that they are a form of creation.

Researching where my blood type came from I was to discover my protection against many conditions was of a native decent. I discovered that the protection from parasitical elements entering the body was excellent when the blood system is of equal quality being both positive and negative. I also discovered the rightful person belonging to the land had blood types that where of a dominating nature, passing down the ancestry line, regardless of partners married. All the children from this line have a balance of positive and negative blood running through there bodies. Where there are partners with different blood types the woman’s blood type will be the determining factor of the children in the family. This is due to blood compatibilities. In most cases the newborn fetus will choose the strongest and best possible blood type solution on offer which of course comes from the DNA of the parents.

My research discovered people with balancing blood types do not get cancer or aids and I believe there is a definite reason behind there immunes to these diseases. I felt that natives of the land where well protected by there blood types and many of there illness problems where the relation of lifestyle and dietary problems within the native community and there cultures.

Different blood types run at different temperatures. For warmer climates the blood at approximately 23 degrees, which is referred to as cold blooded. In cooler climates the blood temperature runs approximately 24 degrees or slightly higher, which is referred to as warm blooded. In Australia the ocean temperature is about 23 degrees and I believe that is what determines the native people of the land blood temperature. Australia is a hot climate and home to cold blooded people and of course animals. Usually hotter climates will be home to cold blooded creation and cooler climates will be the home to warm blooded climates. The ocean temperature of a country is the indication of temperature for the blood type of the country.

Another factor is the cleansing system of the body which is made up of water and its function is to cleanse your internal system. The cleansing system works similar to how we wash our external bodies to keep them free from dirt, clean and healthy. When the water temperature rises above the desired body temperature it becomes uncomfortable and the flow develops impossibilities and the cleansing function is damaged and fails to work to encourage good health in our internal body system.

One of the major problems of the fluid system is the overflow of fluid release which is performed through the tear ducts of the eyes. When the fluid overheats the person stops crying and fails to release the excess fluid through the tear ducks. Wednesday, Quite often the clear fluid system sits behind the eyes and has the meningitis infection which makes releasing the fluid through the tear ducks impossible. Many of these people have poor sight problems as the fluid thickens from movement failure and causes a thick wall preventing the instruments that ensure our visuals organs are in good health to become endangered. The overheated fluid system also fails to perform its correct cleansing function of the internal body.

Every seed needs the right conditions to grow and spread either encouraging good health or invading sickness. A seed needs water, sun, food and the right environment for it to grow and flourish. A diseased seed is no different. Let’s go back and have a look at the Tuberculosis seed which plants itself in the bronchial tube which is quite often diagnosed as cancer. On the x-ray it will be demonstrated by two black dots or small dark shadows in the bronical tubes.

For years I had a problem with constant bronchial infections which was believed to be tuberculosis and quite often is diagnosed as cancer. My dad was found to have had tuberculosis as well. Unfortunately combined with cancer from the scaring of tuberculosis in his earlier life and old age caused my dad to loose his fight and he died from his illness. I recall having another bout of uncontrollable bronchial coughing and to be frank I was just plain fed up with it. My father in law has been a long time ambulance officer who is now retired conducted many first aid courses which I have attended several. They talk in foreign bodies and swelling which they apply ice to the affected area to reduce the bruising and which helps the recovery process. Through my frustrations of the illness I decided that I would put ice on the chest area where I was coughing uncontrollable. I did this as to reduce the swelling as this is what I was taught to do in my first aid course.

When the tuberculosis was active as in when I was coughing I placed ice pack on the bronchial tube covering the crossbow. Within a few minutes, I started to feel better and the coughing ceased and the disease has not returned. I have been free of this illness for over 4 years now. By changing my temperature on the direct area the conditions for the seed of tuberculosis became unsuitable for its growth and the disease died giving me a complete recovery. To my surprise after many years of suffering with this illness I was healed by using ice which lowered the temperature conditions that the disease required to survive and grow. A special thank you to granddad, which constantly encouraged me to take do first aid course.

I also discovered that swelling can occur in the internal physical body, causing illness and discomfort to the person who is affected. Putting ice on the bronchial tube enabled me to lower my body temperature which made the conditions for the tuberculosis seed unsuitable. Using this procedure led to the seed dying, resulting in a full recovery.

The more I studied these diseases using the parable of the seed as in the holy bible; I was amazed at how many factors of how the diseases occur came to light. My discoveries of the many violations that can affect the body in different forms and the reasoning behind what causes these diseases were connected to many lifestyle conditioning. Our behaviors, what we eat, how we treat ourselves and others where just some of the lifestyle factors that played a considerable role in what conditions our bodies would remain in. We could either enjoy good or poor health depending on what our everyday life choices had been.

Cancer has several symptoms to this disease but I have notice that the body seems to be using what should be exhaled air in replacement of oxygen, this due to lack of normal organ supply to the body system. In my opinion where the affected area has a lack of oxygen supply it affects feeding the needs of the organ. As the organ or organs are in desperate need of oxygen they start to use the exhale air for oxygen which is really not an ideal solution but without air the organ will die. I feel oxygen fails to move through the affected organ blocking the flow causing the organ to start rotting. Some gases in the body are good for you and that is indicated by a fresh red blood colour. The exhale air can mixed with the body can produce a gas which is not suited for the body so its important to limit exhaled air being used to supply the body organ.

Cancer has numerous causes and can be extremely life threatening for the patient. If you have cancer and have been sent home as no more can be done for you I encourage you to try a holistic approach to your illness as you have nothing really to loose and all the treatments are natural and perfectly safe to use. I am strongly opinionated that cancer is caused due to blocks of oxygen flow in the system causing dangerous gases to build up and destroy organs within the body. Of course other contributors would be injuries causing internal blockages, overheating blood system, lack of oxygen flow, poor diet, meningitis as well as parasitical.

Prostrate cancer can be a lack of acceptance for the ending use of the sexual function. Or there could be a parasite filling the area of the organ blocking the flow of oxygen to the organ which also causes a dangerous form of gas like carbons. Including of course blood imbalances as well as possible parasitical infection. Problems which can be corrected by behavior would need a person to accept that the sexual function is now not a concern. With this acceptance the organ most likely will calm and recover. The seed in this instance is the failure to use the organ for the sexual function as this ability has now ceased. As well as the possibility of parasites filling the organ as it is a form of exit of the body. When they breed and hatch there eggs many parasites are formed and it causes an overflow in the sexual organ causing a failure of oxygen flow.

All organs will fight for survival and especially with the male becoming uncomfortable with changes in his abilities. This disease needs conselling for acceptance of the ending of the function. There are also other medical factors relating to this disease, I strongly believe parasitical, overheating of the blood system causing a form of meningitis plays a major role in this cancer. Other factors include internal breathing problems with exhale oxygen being used to supply the internal body as other elements appear to be using the oxygen we inhale. When the blood flow is blocked by a foreign object, bruising, swelling or other affecting causes it creates a build up in carbon to the blood system.

One of the reasons the Christian baptism is so good for a person is due to its healing quality. As a rule the full immersion baptism occurs in cold water. When he body is fully submerged the person opens there eyes looking for the Holy Spirit. This action automatically lowers the person internal temperature the bacteria’s within the person die instantly leaving them refreshed and cleansed of any form of parasitical, bacterial or meningitis. All bacteria’s raise the physical body temperature to suit the bacteria, parasite or meningitis. Lowering the temperature makes the internal condition intolerable for the infections to maintain survival.

Many brain diseases are also inflicted by parasites and usually show up in the extra as black dots with black shadowing. Once the body temperature heats up it is the right condition for the hatching of parasitical eggs which will block the oxygen flow to the brain which is life threatening. Full brain disorder the pain will actually be suffered in the lower back region. If you have pain in the left side especially upper leg then the bacteria will be in the right side of the brain. If you have pain in the right side especially upper leg then the bacteria will be in the left side of the brain.

With the infected seed you would need to ask what conditions does this seed like? Is it the warmth? What food is the seed feeding on? What are the conditions making the seed grow and flourish. Whether the seed is good or bad the seed needs the right conditions to grow and flourish.

Conditions – hot, warm , cold

Oxygen – flow

Food as in what it feeds on – Does the diet have a dominating obsessive requirement

Water – the body is made up mostly of water

When one starts asking these questions as to how the violation occurred in relation to the organ. What conditions make it possible for the seed to flourish and affect the organ? Can the condition be changed? Thorough investigations need to be taken with any infected seed. Don’t forget behaviors as this can have a direct affect.

Another condition affecting the illness is dietary and food intake. I have notice that these bacteria crave certain forms of food… Many people I have known with breast cancer have an unhealthy craving and diet of avocado. Although the fruit is believed to be healthy for you it is subject to rat striking and other parasitical values. One of the other notable accounts is the fact most of these woman have a milk intolerance which appears to be related to the breast cancer.

When the infections are parasitical, bacterial, or meningitis forms they will crave for certain foods. For example when my son was infected by parasites he craved for chili. I investigated chili and found that it was prone to parasitical infection especially when the body temperature was raised. I popped a vitamin C tablet in the chili sauce and it was effective and cured my son of the illness. He no longer craves chili sauce as much; his use of this sauce was excessive giving me reason to believe that another in the body craved it. As it turned out I was correct and thankfully my son is back to good health.

Many infections will be dictating the dietary of the person infected with the disease. What I have done is to observe the persons eating and behavior forms to determine what the conditions the infection prefers. As with my son it was chili. You can usually find out what conditions affect certain foods by researching them through a search engine on the Internet.

Most of these conditions will be cured with vitamin C. It is important to hide the vitamin C in different element as the illness survival skills has developed ways to rid the body of food environment that will threaten its survival. To ensure the vitamin C is aloud access to your internal body you will need to develop ways of using the vitamin through other sources such as hidden in the food you cook, soaps, creams and nourishing vitamin baths as the body will automatic detect the food needs and drawing the vitamins into the organs that require the food on offer.

Bacteria’s and infections are pretty intelligent so you will need your wit about you to try and outsmart the infection. Bacteria’s will continue to attack until there survival is threatened. Once there survival is threatened then the bacteria will back down and hibernate. To kill bacteria, parasite or meningitis infections you will need to make sure the infections are active.

For brain problems it’s a good idea to pop vitamin c in the shampoo and conditioner. Try to buy shampoo and conditioner that has an enrichment of vitamins in them.

With my neurology disorder I need to feed this externally through the skin as its one of my weakest organ due to the damage that I suffered in my earlier years. I tend to use vitamin enriched shampoo and conditioner; I include vitamin c to encourage extra nourishment for my brain area. I also have a moisturizer made up with vitamin c, multivitamins, alovera, and honey mix. Once I have mixed the moisturizer I cleanse the moisturizer into my brain and leave it on for about 30 minutes then I was and condition my hair as normal.

With my family I tend to use vitamin enrichment in my cooking using herbs and lemon juice to reduce the risk of parasitical infections, I also use suggestion which a enriched vitamin powder drink, which comes in chocolate or vanilla in my cake cooking

Sun block out its a great idea to put a vitamin c in the block out to guard against the overheating of the product out in the sun which will reduce the risk of the sun block becoming infected with any bacteria’s due to overheating whilst left in the sun.

In summing up my investigation I would like to point out that the first investigation should entail looking to the person’s personal behaviour. Is the behaviour showing any attributes or forms of behaviour that stem from other creations in our society? We co-exist with many other forms of creations and parasitical is one of the main intruders. Our gardens are within there existence and the parasitical egg are so tiny you would need a large microscope to see it. There original laying size is smaller than one grain of sand. In a body with regulated cool temperatures these eggs that carry through what we eat would not normally hatch. With the onset of immigration and people who blood types have not suited to the land they live in contributes to the main causes of this parasitical explosion in plague style fashion.

Parasitic cause numerous other bacterial infections in the body where the blood is warm and desirable. Parasites also take up a great deal of the bodies oxygen, which then only leaves the use of the exhale air for the person to feed the bodies organs with oxygen. Prolonged periods of use of exhale air can cause carbon gases to build up. Bacteria’s are extremely intelligent and will do what ever it takes to survive. Bacteria’s have a tendency to go out on a full attack to try and increase in strength. Bacteria’s will only back down and become dormant if they are in the threat of being killed. You cannot kill bacteria while it is dormant and these bacteria’s love to play mind games with the most intelligent minds.

My recommendations for these disease would be to submerge the physical body in cold water making sure the eyes are open as it will create an instant change in the body temperature, which will immediately destroy the infected seeds. Increase your vitamin C intake is also highly recommended as it has excellent temperature control factors for the blood system. Another excellent healing method is to use the ability of the skin to enrich your body with nourishing vitamins to help in the recovery process. Fill a bath with warm water to your comfort zone, dissolve vitamin C and Multivitamins in water, then add the dissolved vitamins to the bath. Add a few drops of alovera and moisturized honey. As you soak in the vitamin enriched bath your physical body will draw the vitamins into it from the water, which will help you to recover your damaged body.

Bacteria’s present a behaviour of desirability, meaning they will desire certain foods to keep them in great strength. I believe avocado is one of these foods as many women who have had breast cancer appear to have a craving for avocado and there diet is over supplied with avocado. This is a bacteria’s desire as when a food becomes more dominate than other foods we eat. Bacteria’s will desire food with the highest oxygen content; Look to your diet as fasting from the food for at least a week would be rather helpful to your body system. Or you can use the food to kill the infection by putting vitamin C into the food or soaking it in lemon, orange or a vitamin c enriched juice.

Cures are in our reach, it is the approach and style of investigation that needs intensive assessment.

Looking at illnesses with a different approach is what I believe will help people to understand the balances in life? Every creation has there rights to life and it is up to us to make sure we use treatments to prevent parasites forming in our bodies which can cause other multiples of illnesses. I have included the methods I have used to cure myself and others and I encourage others to try my methods as I feel you will definitely benefit from a holistic approach as well as professional medical approach.

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