3-Year-Old Girl Who Was Left Inside A Hot Car Overnight How to Lose 20 Kilos Without Being an Idiot Or Falling Prey to Gold Diggers

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How to Lose 20 Kilos Without Being an Idiot Or Falling Prey to Gold Diggers


This article definitely doesn’t recommend them.

I have to admit that I was getting to be a bit of a fat bastard. I’m a chef by trade and that job and lifestyle doesn’t always lend itself to balance and harmony when it comes to healthy eating.

I have been there, done that, and pretty much know the ‘right’ way to lose weight through having successfully done it. I lost 26 kilograms over a year, which is pretty fast, but not fast enough to hurt you. And a lot considering we are talking 105kg going down to 79kg. Yep – I know what I’m talking about.

There are so many scams and tricksters out there.

Magic pills, potions, new discoveries, amazing berries from the Marianas trench, mountain goat semen harvested from the heights of Everest – well, not really. But they may as well be. Amazonian berries, chiton shells, rare plant extracts – its not the answer. Nor is the constant scoffing of dangerous “heat-burning’ pharmaceuticals.

I have the answer, and I’m putting it here. Just one article and you don’t have to join anything, sign up or buy anything. Amazing huh? Someone who gives a damn enough to tell you for free.

Doctors, dieticians, celebrities and quacks all recommend unique, wacky, or downright stupid diets in order to sell their products, books and polished personal branding.

Its all bollocks.

They are preying off you, the same way they used to prey off me,

Nobody is proud of being a fattie, and it is so sensitive that we even legislate against discriminating against fat people. Fat people are people too.

Yes, we are. We are people who are ashamed of the rolls and tyres of lard that garnish and define our bodies.

We try to change our eating habits for a few weeks to gain back some self esteem and the adulation of friends and family who tell us how well we are doing. Then we give up discouraged.

It takes too long and it doesn’t go far enough. We question if it is all worth it. We hate going to the gym, and we don’t want to give up cake, fried foods or sugary treats.

Did I lose you yet? Calling you a fattie? What a about a waddler, chubby, Tubbs or pudgy?

This is the best weapon in our arsenal – our own lack of self esteem can drive us to what is really needed – a gradual permanent lifestyle change.

The truth is apparent.

Did you wake up one day fat? Clutching your jowls in horror and waddling out to the living room, scaring the family and pets?

Chances are that you were once an OK weight – and that over the last few years your lifestyle and diet have changed until ‘suddenly’ several years later, you are fat. And too defeatist to tackle the big job of reversing this ‘inevitable’ trend.

Examine what you put in your mouth, every hour of every day.

Look at what you have done less of in terms of activity.

These are key factors. Yes, I know you have a million reasons, and I don’t care. I don’t want you to justify it, I just want you to quantify it and accept it without the bullshit.

I used to ride a bike to work, and love about 3-5km away from my job. My diet didn’t change much, but my exercise did. When I got married I bought a car, had a baby, and began to drive everywhere. Finding parking took time. I was always rushing.

Work involved a lot of effort and sweat. As time went along I began using the internet. At least 3 hours of the day sat in front of the computer, inactive. I would normally have a couple of drinks and relax online.

See the pattern?

Less exercise, more calories, more inactivity.

My life before had enough activity to balance out the jugs of sugary drinks, high GI foods, fatty foods and PROCESSED foods that give us energy and not much else.

I can justify my actions too. But doing that and looking for a quick fix didn’t help.

The problem with quick fixes is simply that. It fixes quickly so you can claim success then go back to doing exactly the same thing that made you fat in the first place. I moved to Dubai where there were cheap cars and petrol, a culture of no walking, and more fast food places based on bread or potatoes than I have ever seen in my life.

Next move was Kazakhstan – a place where I decided to live inner city and walk to work. it took 20 minutes at a steady pace (30 at first) and I grabbed an MP3 player and distracted myself with that as I walked.

At the same time I visited the market a couple of times a week – and kept only fresh food on hand.

No garbage food – but awesome fresh fruits, meats, salamis, cheese, wholegrain breads, and ingredients to make quick light healthy meals.

As a chef I have ‘no time’ to eat.

That had to change. My body was learning to ‘store’ all of the food I was eating and not metabolize it.

I began to force myself to have breakfast.

In the bad old days I could go 12 hours without eating, and then get home starving and eat fast unhealthy food.

When I began walking, and eating three meals a day I was suddenly starving hungry if my meal was an hour late.

My body knew that food was overdue and started to punish me.

Alcohol is also a but of an issue. In Dubai I used to drink most days.

I cut back a little – but not completely. I swapped drinking for smoking for a wee bit. Depends which way you want to die. These habits are hard to kick.

Nothing was dramatic. I actually changed my diet gradually.

First step was the walking to work. I don’t LIKE exercise – but I LOVE photography and seeing new things. So I walked around with my camera. Exercise disguised as pleasure. Screw joining the gym. Why? They charge a fortune, and if you don’t enjoy it you’ll end up not going, or finding excuses. Make your activity something you will enjoy for at least a month or two. That’s all it takes. After that it no longer is a burden. You actually look forward to it.

Diet – don’t go on one.

Just start with eating three times a day.

Make gradual but permanent changes. When you find a breakfast or meal that you like, that is healthy (or healthier), well-priced and available locally, add it into your repertoire.

Diets are one of the worst ways to lose weight. Sure they can work. We’ve seen that on TV (LOL)

It’s just that when you stop, and go back to the fatty lifestyle, you start to get fat again.

It’s like bailing out a boat to stop it sinking. SURE you will not sink while you are bailing the water out. But at some point you reach critical mass and can’t bail fast enough.

You can bail steadily and be a happy sailor – but when you stop bailing, you sink.

Diets are “bailing off” your fat.

The best, and only real solution is to fix the leak so you don’t need to bail any more.


Start by replacing one or two drinks a day with water.

That means fruit juice, soft drinks, milk, energy drinks and diet drinks.

Your body needs water to flush out the rubbish and regenerate you.

Water also has zero calories / Kilojoules – vs any other drinks. Some drinks have HEAPS of calories.

Soft drinks and fruit juices will swell you up like a Zeppelin. I actually swapped all “unnatural drinks’ for “fruit juices’ thinking they were healthier. My doctor actually told me that fruit juices were one of the worst things to drink when trying to lose weight. He was right.

Water is bloody tasteless when you change over to it. Just start drinking water every day – then the more you can swap other drinks for water – the faster you will lose weight or stop gaining it so fast. It’s a biggie!


This is really important. Not fibre capsules. Not substitutes. Not “extra super rich Amazonian cancer-fighting mega fibre used by NASA and recommended by Einstein before he died” fibre.

Just eat unprocessed foods.

That means not from a packet, not from a can, and probably not as convenient.

It means fruit, vegetables meat and fish that come from the garden, a farm, an ocean, or out fo a tree somewhere.

That simple.

This packeted garbage, processed food, white bread, canned rubbish is killing us.

Staples: If you can swap the occasional meal of potatoes, white rice or bread for a ‘healthy carb’ your progress will increase exponentially.

Good things to eat instead of potatoes or white bread are:

brown rice, lentils, dried beans (cooked of course), or just lose a carb every couple of days and have lots of meat and veggies.

Cutting fat is not so important. Its carbs and fat – sugar and fat, starchy foods and fat that do it.

Drinks are actually one of the largest sources of hidden calories.

The secret really isn’t one at all.

It’s just that so many ‘professionals’ who should be bloody ashamed of themselves, tell you that you CAN permanently lose weight through pills or diets.

You can’t.

You CAN lose weight faster than you put it on – but you can NEVER maintain your current lifestyle and diet and lose weight too, unless you start doing drugs as a permanent thing. Forever. Its that simple.

And if you DO do drugs, you can lose weight until you stop. And then it will come straight back on, twice as fast.

It took me a year to lose the 26 kilos.

the first month I actually got fatter and heavier. How discouraging.

That is pretty normal. You won’t do any of the above and start losing weight in week one or two.

Your body is going to fight you.

  1. Start doing some activity you enjoy. DON’T start off with “exercise”. You are going to give up. It can be walking, sport, sex, chasing the neighbours dog, running away from taxis, abusing other fat people and then waddling off at high speed – it doesn’t matter. But it involves increasing your DAILY activity – a little bit. But permanently.

    DON’T suddenly start walking 5 hours a day. DO TODAY what you can comfortably fit into your lifestyle as a regular part of your day for the next 10 years. Buy a dog and walk it. Walk after hot girls or guys drooling. Whatever. Just keep doing it. Remember, even a 10% to 20% increase in daily activity will pay dividends.

    Hint – sex can be fun and also burns off calories. It’s also interesting enough to want to do regularly. I’m not being funny. Just saying. Bear it in mind. For me it was walking to work. It was free, and I was motivated to do it. If I didn’t, I’d get the sack, or have to buy a car which would cost lots extra in fuel, maintenance and car payments.

  2. Start changing fruit juice and soft drinks for water. If you MUST have fruit juice – squeeze it yourself from fresh fruit. Bought ones are either bloody expensive or they have sugar
  3. Start changing processed foods for fresh ones from the farm, ocean or garden.
    Anything with the word “white” in it is normally bad:-) White sugar, white bread, white rice, white flour – all are white because the healthy fibre is stripped out, and additives put in to preserve the now nutritionless food.

    Avoid canned fruits and veggies – buy fresh. Avoid meat products like chicken Kievs, prepared burgers, chicken nuggets, fish fingers, canned sauces. All are full of additives and are processed. Get fresh meat and fish. Fresh fruit and veggies. It is not rocket science, but the marketing gurus have made us hunger for their unhealthy crap. Once you start GRADUALLY CHANGING to enjoy and eat fresh food, it will be something you enjoy. Your taste and enjoyment of food will improve.

  4. Avoid the fast food chains. Yes, that famous burger company, the chicken outfit by the bearded Southerner, and all the copycats offer some of the most unhealthy, fattening, soul destroying food that you can consume. Watch the movie “supersize me” and see what happens when you eat only McDonalds every day for a month. It’s a bit extreme, but moving away from fresh food and having even 3 meals of this a week starts to move your body into ‘weight gain’ mode.

    If you are hooked, START SLOWLY with a couple of meals of fresh food a week. Develop the taste for it, and do a U-Turn. End up having fresh food 5 days a week and fast food twice. Then learn how to cook your own fast food. You won’t believe how crap their food actually is until you try the same thing made properly. I know. I’m a chef.

  5. Alcohol. Yeah, I understand. Me too. In the big scheme of things, light beer is crap – we drink to get pissed. There ARE some full strength low carb beers. Beer and spirits are the worst offenders for weight gain.

    Red wine is a little better. I am not suggesting you become a wino, but having a half bottle of wine a day is less weight increasing than three beers. With spirits you also get a double-whammy – the mixer you use is normally packed with sugar. If you can try and control your drinking, that has an automatic effect of reducing your weight gain or assisting your weight loss. If you must remain alcohol dependent, consider becoming a tweaker too. In for a penny, in for a pound.;-)

    But seriously, alcohol is full of calories, and normally ends up making your hungry for fatty fried foods. see the pattern?

  6. Chips and snacks. Potatoes are fattening. Fried potatoes even worse. Crisps and ‘snacks in bags’ are through the freakin’ roof. Try and swap the baggies for real food. I’m not talking carrot sticks. How about meat jerky, biersticks, pepperoni, nuts, – or just eating enough at each of your THREE MEALS a day that you don’t need to be wandering around stuffing yourself with Pringles and Twinkies? I know its a radical solution, but it worked for me. Eating my fill three times a day so my metabolism knew when to go to work. really, I write in a semi funny way, but I’m dead serious. Snacking is a choice, not a necessity
  7. Three meals a day This is a big one. breakfast, Just eat one. I actually found that a good cereal (natural and not full of sugar and flavours) was actually a good starter. Oatmeal porridge is pretty good but tastes bland and has to be lifted with sugar & cream. Hmmmm. Khao tom is Thai rice soup – any Asian rice soup is awesome – and can be tasty if you do it well. Learn how to make it properly. Think about lunch in advance. You don’t need to go all new age and start bringing an organic lunch box. Just try and have some thing fresh. Swap white bread for wholemeal, or think out of the box. If you have to buy your lunch, look at the healthiest option. Lack of choice for lunch killed me in Dubai – too many fast food chains and the healthy stuff is too expensive. yeah – I’m not rich yet either. There ARE options. Just be GRADUAL and think about what you are going to put in your body.

That’s about it.

I can write a lot more, but I’m not a weight loss guru, or a peddler of weight loss remedies.

I’m not a guy who can charge you money to give you a magic overnight solution. Neither are they.

I’m just a dude who actually DID lose weight – twice.

Once in Dubai when I arrived, walking around taking photos, and walking along the creeks and old town every night. And then after i lost it, my family came over and I fell back into driving everywhere, not walking, and eating out, drinking and socializing. Less activity, more calories. It took me 6 months to lose the weight – 3 more years to put it back on.

The second time was 3 years ago in Kazakhstan. I got there in June at 105kg and left in June the following year at 79.6kg.

Now I am in Thailand, still averaging between 79 and 83kg.

I drink a few beers, still sit online, but I eat healthy food and get out and about walking, swimming, and looking at stuff taking photos. I’ve found the activity that works for me.

I write a blog about my travels as a chef – blogging recipes, food, ingredients and some strange discoveries.

I don’t write about weight loss, but I’m happy to answer any questions, or give recipe and cooking tips if you want some help in starting to use fresh food. You can visit me at my website if you want to give me any feedback. (Details below)

I don’t sell anything.

I hate these self help and weight loss gurus because they left me as disillusioned and fed up as they probably make you feel.

Save your money. Don’t buy their books and their magic pills and potions. Don’t buy an abdomeniser or any infomercial crap. Do what I said above – gradual change, everyday, permanently, and within 2 months you will see the weight start to drop off. And don’t be disillusioned if it increases slightly the first few weeks. It’s normal.

Best of luck, and I hope to hear your success stories – not soon – but in a year when it has made a big permanent difference to your looks, health, relationships, quality of life and self-esteem

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