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Do Nothing Accomplish Everything – Consciousness and a Golden Age

Never think that war, however necessary and justified, is not a crime.– Hemingway

When Maharishi Mahesh Yogi died in 2008 at the age of 91, there was little fanfare — a brief obituary and a few newspaper reports about the time the Beatles met him in India in 1968. In fact, the Beatles grab headlines whenever Maharishi’s name is in the media. Yet this tiny expert who introduced a unique form of meditation to the West has changed the lives of millions, from stillness to seminary to meeting rooms around the world.

Little Monk – Lion Heart

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, a disciple of the 20th century Indian tradition of Saint Brahman Nanda Saraswati (Shankaracharya), is a spiritual teacher with a master’s degree in physics. In 1957 he launched the Spiritual Regeneration movement. Realizing that the label would not have the same appeal in Western culture, he changed its name and began teaching techniques he had learned from his teachers using specific Indian mantras. If you didn’t live in a cave in the mid-20th century, chances are you’re familiar with this meditation.

The science-educated Maharishi concluded that our decisions and actions are directly related to the physiology and biochemistry of the body and the neural pathways of the brain or nervous system. Through observation and experimentation, he shows how meditation can affect the mind and body by lowering blood pressure, alleviating ADHD, and various other physical, social, and emotional disorders. Dr. Deepak Chopra was one of Maharishi’s early supporters in the United States.

Another advocate is Dr. Herbert Benson, founder of the Institute of Mind-Body Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital and a former professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School. After learning the Maharishi’s meditation techniques, Dr. Benson conducted the experiment himself. He substituted other literal imagery for Indian mantras, calling his method the “relaxation response.”

do more with less

Research over the past 50 years has confirmed what Eastern cultures have known for thousands of years. Sitting with eyes closed for 20-30 minutes twice a day, from repeating the mantra, the meditator seemed to be doing nothing. In a state of detachment, however, deep stress is released and the body is more healthy. The person returns to an active waking state refreshed, relaxed and able to function more effectively with less effort. Maharishi coined the phrases “do less, do more” and “do nothing, do all”. Students of Laozi Tao Te Ching will be familiar with the following:

“The farther you go, the less you know

Therefore, the sage does not go, but knows

he doesn’t look but he sees

He doesn’t do it, but it’s all done. “

Non-Duality and Yogi Kurukamani

Roughly translated, the above Sanskrit phrase comes from the sacred Hindu scripture, the Bhagavad Gita, and means “establish in being, perform action”. The stories told in the Gita are fables for everyone. The scene is a battlefield where Prince Arjuna is morally confused about whether he should fight and kill his own loved ones. Lord Krishna instructed Arjuna, “This body is the battlefield.” War is the struggle that all spiritual seekers experience in dealing with the results of their actions. In other words, when living in a world of duality or ignorance, life is a constant struggle.

In the realm of higher consciousness or cosmic awareness, Maharishi’s teachings have never come close spiritually to meditation. Yogastha Kuru Karmani is the closest. Presumably, if you continue to meditate in a certain way, you will become enlightened and become one with the self. But what does all this mean? Maharishi’s “do nothing, achieve all” means that you are not doerHowever, many people say they have practiced various forms of meditation for decades and have yet to reach that state of self-actualization.

“The Power of Now”

In his book “The Power of Now,” in seminars and videos, modern spiritual teacher Eckhart Toll describes non-duality as “being.”When we are fully present, undisturbed by our “ego” thoughts, any decision we make or action we take is correct because we are not doer. Therefore, when a person is fully present, he lives in harmony with God.

In a previous article “Consciousness Raising and the Art of Being”, in the section “Courage Under Fire”, I wrote about my experiences with American soldiers who had to repel a Viet Cong attack on my village. Faced with on-the-spot decisions, the soldiers showed unimaginable courage and high efficiency. Before I could think about it, they acted immediately and saved my life. They are fully present, which is our natural state. It’s like Arjuna took a cue from Krsna.

golden age

If the whole planet lived in harmony and unity, hatred, genocide and war would be impossible. The point is to live in that state 24/7. India has many stories of people who lived in caves for decades until they realized God. 2500 years ago buddha Struggling hard, he sat under the Bodhi tree for six years until he attained enlightenment. While there may be a few, most 21st century aspirants are not suited for the role. Yet many have lived and studied with accomplished teachers for decades and are still searching for the “ring of brass.”

Maybe the Earth is even older than scientists thought. or not. Is it possible that there was once a golden age when all people lived in love and respect for each other? Is it because time has changed and people have become careless and have forgotten the importance of vigilance?

there is one today The urgency of development. A rise in consciousness requires it. No one enlightens you. It is not acquired by good deeds, nor is it withheld for evil deeds. Everything happens according to the laws of nature, that is, automatically. Consciousness makes no mistakes.

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