30-Is-The-New-50-Old-Age-Is-Killing-My-Dating-Life Jesus Plan in the Bible Is That We All Burn Our Bibles Now

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Jesus Plan in the Bible Is That We All Burn Our Bibles Now

There is a type of humor that is often called morbid humor. The 1.5 billion Chinese usually laugh when one slips up. In America we call it slapstick humor when a guy steps on a rake coming out of a bunker and the rake pops up and knocks out his teeth. Sex, comedy and violence are popular. That’s why “People on Earth” is the most popular show in the entire universe about the story of human beings. Everyone else in the universe is laughing at our ending saga. Writing on the wall.

The God of Mount Sinai, God the Father, Allah, and Elohim told King David that the world was full of mockers and scoffers. (Psalm 1). Sometimes things happen so horrible you either laugh or cry. If you think rationally about what happened, it scares you and puts you in a world of paralyzing phobias, so you joke about it being a psychological self-defense mechanism. Christians, Muslims, and Jews are currently embroiled in a world war leading to the end of the world because they all consider those outside their group to be unbelievers, even though they all believe in the God of Mount Sinai. We’ll soon be wiped out arguing over the real name of the God of Mount Sinai.

Humans need only the flimsiest reason imaginable to split into groups and kill each other, because beneath every self-righteous exterior hides a murderous savage. Americans are bombarded daily with news of U.S. soldiers killed in Iraqi civil war firefights between Shiites and Sunnis. One would think that the two groups are as different as day and night. In fact, they are all earthlings made up of air, water and earth, they are neighbors, sharing two-thirds of the world’s oil, they all believe in Islam, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), Allah Mount Sinai, the Qur’an, Sunnah, yearly pilgrimage to Mecca, praying 5 times a day, practicing wearing Persian prayer rugs (that’s why muslims are better at wearing from west to east and from east to west, depending on the grain), all non muslims should if they Slaughter all non-Muslims who will erase the face of the earth forever to gain access to eternal heaven with Allah, 72 virgins and endless wine without any side effects. (Quran 9:29-30, chapter 56 of the Qur’an.) Christians also get eternal heaven with God the Father by throwing all non-Christians into the fire at the command of God at Mount Sinai. (Matthew 13:36-43). The Old Testament of Judaism is also the Bible of Christianity and Islam, and there are too many commandments of God at Mount Sinai to plunder entire countries and cities.

Shia and Sunni have everything in common physically, 99.999999999999999999999999999999% same beliefs, 9th, 9th, 9th. So, what is the difference between Shia and Sunni? Well, the difference between Shia and Sunni is that Shia follow the descendants of Prophet Muhammad’s son-in-law as their religious leaders while Sunnis follow the descendants of Prophet Muhammad’s lieutenant general as their religious leaders. Read this sentence 5 times. The American people have now sacrificed 3,000 of their children to resolve this dispute between Shiites and Sunnis. 15,000 Americans lost limbs. Humans never had to worry about which group was right, Shia or Sunni, for 5 million years until Islam was invented 1400 years ago. The God of Mount Sinai told King David that 1000 human years are but 1 day to God. That means Islam is only a day and a half old and a recent cult, as is Christianity, 2 days old and Judaism 4 days old. According to your religious leaders (Jesus called them the blind guides who lead you all to the fire), Adam wore the Kaafiyah in Eden and Eve wore the robe. Thinking of having to wear the burqa, Ann Coulter suggested on Hardball that the US nuke Iran back to the stone age, so that Muslims would not only be unable to build nuclear bombs, but even transistor radios. Humans lived without cars and oil for 5 million years until 100 years ago, and now they are fighting a world war for oil for cars, when burning this oil causes the polar ice caps to melt, which will soon lead to Earth’s oceans (see globe) rise 50 feet and cover most of the planet’s landmass. Humans are super smart and super idiot at the same time. Humans are super good and super evil at the same time. This is why we can love and hate the same person so intensely at the same time. We are all so sane and so crazy at the same time. We were also skeptical and naive at the same time. Trillion Dr. Floyd can’t help us either.

According to God of Mount Sinai through every biblical prophet in Islam, Christianity and Judaism, 99% of the Bible was written by humans and signed “God of Mount Sinai”, Allah, Jesus, Elohim, etc. Who are these people who wrote your holy book bible and endlessly signed “God” in your bible according to your god? Well, in the Middle East, from 1300 BC to 300 BC, Jews and non-Jews burned their firstborn sons alive to their God on altars of fire in valleys outside Jerusalem. This valley is known as the Kissingnon Valley. Our ancestors performed this satanic ritual for a millennium, writing our bibles ordering us to slaughter everyone outside our group for eternal great reward.

Shanda Harris has an 11-year-old son named Owen. Owen is definitely an angel. Shanda Harris recently met a 52-year-old man named Melvin Jones. Melvin Jones is a twice-convicted sex offender. Mel told Shanda that he had only had consensual contact with young boys, including the King of Pop, and had never served prison time. Shanda, a heroin addict, shows mercy, forgiveness and kindness to Melvin Jones, whom she trusts to look after her children. The next thing she knew, her 11-year-old son, Irvin Harris, turned up dead on a golf course in a bunker near his Baltimore home.

Eleven-year-old Irvin Harris went to heaven. Owen Harris will be saved from the fire of the coming apocalypse, christians, muslims and jews are building now because according to their bible it will herald the Messiah jesus christ coming to jerusalem both christians and muslims believe in him Will bring world peace because they read it in the bible.

According to the Bible, the God of Mount Sinai had three children, Christians, Muslims and Jews. God wants each of his children to kill his other two so that God can send his messiah to bring world peace. According to these books, the way to achieve world peace is to genocide the billions of men, women, and children outside your group. Our Bibles reward our bloodlust and keep us killing. We are all Melvin Jones Fellows about to commit ourselves to global Jonestown and love the pain and the joy of it all. This is why we are here on Earth; to experience feelings of extreme pleasure and extreme pain. Mrs. Coulter is running for President!

Earth is a madhouse for criminals. Life on Earth is a tragicomedy coming to an end, so cherish every minute of it. Go play golf at Bethpage Black (Mark 11:1 KJV) in New York, then the bunkers are blackened by the radioactive soot of tens of thousands of Muslim 100 megaton nuclear suicide bombers who will soon be using petrodollars from Russia, China and North Korea buy these bombs. From 1945 to today, it took the US and Russia each only 61 years to go from 0 to 25,000 nuclear bombs each. As every nuclear scientist knows, there are zero survivors of a third nuclear world war. That’s why Jesus said that when he came back, he would command all his angels to throw all their bibles into the fire except for the two tablets that God carved in stone on Mount Sinai 3200 years ago. (Matthew 13:24-30). Just like that will happen.

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