30-Is-The-New-50-Old-Age-Is-Killing-My-Dating-Life What in God’s Name Do Women Want?

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What in God’s Name Do Women Want?

I understand your dilemma. Every woman seems to have new issues of her own that we men have to deal with. New problems in past relationships, new things they’re mad at, new ways they like to be touched, talked to, kissed, even the way they like to be treated in bed. The truth is, that’s why we love them all so much, each of them brings something new and exciting, something new to learn and experience, most of which excite and confuse us men equally.

With that in mind, School of Attraction hired a few guys to go out and find random attractive women between the ages of 18-30 to see if we could find some similarities to make life easier for all of us guys .

What happened was a lot of interesting results to share, some of them unsurprising and some of them quite interesting, so be sure to read on.

So what do women want?

1. Let’s start with something simple, most women say their favorite genre of first date movie is comedy. Not surprisingly, the comedy set the tone for the rest of the night, with energy flowing more easily for candid dialogue and a good time.

2. A majority of women say bars or other public social gatherings are their favorite places to meet men. Women are well-groomed and place great importance on first impressions. They want to look and feel great when the man of their dreams strides up to talk to her. Idealism? Maybe, but women want men to approach them, so dress to impress.

3. With one exception, all girls aged 18-25 prefer a guy to text her after meeting at a club and exchange numbers, and all girls 26 or older prefer a guy to call her. SMS’ing just after a certain age doesn’t cut it because women expect men to be “manly” and ask him what he wants, and young women often don’t know what they want, so SMS is enough. The second reason for this is also that women over the age of 24 are barely immersed in the texting culture.

4. All women surveyed love accents. When asked which one it was, the store was full of favorites, with 20 percent of women preferring the Italian. Exotic accents are fun and different for women, and they sound great in bed. Cosplay with an accent in the foreplay works really well.

5. 80% of women absolutely love tattoos, especially on the back and arms. Tattoos are seen by women as a sign of masculinity. Show that you can handle pain and look great naked in the moonlight.

6. When asked what is the sexiest body part of a man, 50% of women say the arms, 30% say the back, and 20% say the stomach. This is an indicator of what men should consider focusing on when they work out if they want to impress women.

7. Pride and body odor/bad breath tied for first place as the biggest barriers for men, with 33% of girls citing both issues. It should be said that hygiene is the top priority for women. Women are much more sensitive to smell than men, so keep things in order. Pride is defined as demeaning women in order to place oneself in a higher position. Women smell this and interpret it as a sign of insecurity, so avoid it.

8. No two women mentioned the same favorite men’s cologne, but pointed out that men must always wear cologne. The right cologne can tickle a woman from the inside out, totally to your liking.

9. 60% of women say a sense of humor is the greatest pleasure, and 40% say a sexy body. Remember, personality trumps looks.

10. 80% of women say they let a guy know they like him by making eye contact and sometimes smiling, that’s all! Guys, it’s all up to us to take the first step.

11. When asked how long it took them to get interested in a guy enough to be willing to go on a date, all initially said “oh my…about 1 or 2 weeks” but when When prodded further (for good measure we suggest they cut the bull @#$), everyone finally concedes somewhere between 1-10 minutes into the first intro. First impressions matter and are crucial to furthering the connection with a woman.

12. In terms of sexiness, 46% of women prefer satin sheets, 26% prefer scented candles, and 28% prefer romantic music.

13. 80% of women prefer a rugged look. That means well-trimmed stubble and hair that isn’t overly combed. Note that this does not mean sloppy or unkempt.

14. The beach is by far the most popular first date location, chosen by 80% of women. It’s fun, it’s flirty, and she can show you how sexy she is in a bikini.

15. 87% of women prefer neck biting to ear biting.

16. 66% prefer short hair, preferably straight. Looking neat shows a woman that you have your shit together.

17. Sexiest piercings for men: Eyebrows = 40%, Tongue 26.6% Lips: 20% Nipples: 10% Ears: 3.4%

18. Finally, the sexiest male profession caught us a little off guard. We expect international spies, wealthy businessmen, or at least doctors, but the most popular are builders, followed by footballers.

It’s also worth mentioning that the men we hired to survey could easily persuade women under the age of 25 to change some of the answers they gave, men often suggested alternative answers after women suggested their preferences, and these suggestions lead women to want to change their answers, but we kept the original responses for accuracy. Once women get over 25, they stop giving “misguided” answers and give more realistic bull*free answers. Once guys get girls to think about sex, they all immediately become more flirtatious, showing that women like to use their sexual imaginations and we guys like to slay.

So here, the real results highlight what women want. If you would like to watch our video article on this topic visit our website WHAT WOMEN WANT

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