Everything I Do Is For The 17-Year-Old Version Of Myself Depression and Disorganization

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Depression and Disorganization

While this may seem like a mundane thing, I’ve found that confusion and disorganization are one of the biggest problems reported by people with depression and anxiety.

Symptoms of feeling overwhelmed and not wanting to face the day often stem from not knowing where to start or not wanting to face the mountain of tasks that lie ahead. I’ve found that people are so exhausted by even the mundane task of getting out of the house on time that their whole day is a mess before it starts, and by 8am they’re exhausted. The kids are screaming, the pets need a walk, work starts at a certain time, the laundry isn’t done, and the available clothes were pulled from the dumpster the week before but not sent to the dry cleaner. Stress chemicals are rampant, irritability and panic and resentment at home, work, family and otherwise.

Worse, oftentimes, if disorganization is a problem at home, it’s also a problem at work. A messy desk, unfinished tasks, and unfulfilled deadlines are the work version of the problem and stay with you throughout the day. Does your car look like a homeless person’s shopping cart? If so, none of your primary environments are peaceful. There is nothing pleasant about you, which is a major stressor.

The problem isn’t that you have too much to do or work full time, but that you haven’t found a routine and organizational plan that works, or you’ve found one but haven’t followed it consistently.

Running around at will, being chronically late, never finding things, and having a dirty and messy house are all stressful situations that can lead to cycles of anxiety and depression. Having things strewn about can interfere with your ability to focus and become irritable, if not outright angry. Reflect on your thoughts on the matter, which might sound like this:

“I’d be late for work and get fired because it happened so often.”

“My kids will be late to school for the 5th time and be marked late.”

“I can’t find a project that needs to be done by 9am.”

“I’m going to have to eat fast food because I don’t have time to make breakfast and I’m 20 pounds overweight.”

“I can’t find my keys so I can’t go to work.”

“I couldn’t even look at the sink because it was full of dirty dishes.”

“The dog had a hairball the size of Rhode Island and I didn’t have time to take him to the groomer.”

“Oops, I forgot the dog at the groomer.”

you understood. None of these thoughts will bring peace and tranquility in your mind. They’re shocking at best and exhausting at worst. Just imagine if you had more than one of these within the first hour of waking every day. Your physiological response to each of these involves your brain chemicals and stress hormones, and you’ll see why they were thrown out of balance in the first place. Cortisol eats serotonin at sonic speed. Getting your things and time organized will make you more productive, peaceful, productive, and overall more successful. It feels good to be organized.

Look around your house. It should be your sanctuary, not a hellhole screaming your name to clean it out. House and time management issues are all about the planning and execution of plans and routines. If something isn’t getting done or is bothering you at home, it’s because you haven’t found a system that works for you.

Quite simply, everything fits right and everything has its place is a great life saying that you should make it your new mantra. Consider the simplicity of that statement. However, this is the biggest mistake I’ve ever seen, not knowing where you put your car keys, clothes, sports equipment, checkbook, you name it. I used to battle these issues myself, having to ask the grocery store to put my groceries aside after getting dressed in the dry cleaners parking lot until I got back my temporarily forgotten or lost checkbook and found the yearling With half a bagel under my car seat I realized there had to be a better way.

We often let our emotional state dictate these practical issues. “I’m depressed and I don’t care what the house looks like.” “I’m so stressed out that I can’t focus.” “I’m so ADDed that I can never organize myself.” Whether you’re depressed or anxious, your house and time matter Need to streamline so your symptoms will be less. You will immediately feel a transformation that stems from the empowerment and control you have over your life. If you are truly ADD, then organization and time management are the skills you need.

getting Started:

First, take inventory of the areas you need to organize. Maybe there’s just one area that’s out of control, or maybe the whole place needs an overhaul. Either way, it gets done without overwhelming it by breaking it down into sections and tasks. The main areas of disruption are your house, car, purse or purse, finances and paperwork. Maybe it’s just time management rather than organization that will benefit you.

I’m now going to take you through a master plan that you can develop right away.

Take out a piece of paper and look around. Room by room write down what the main problems are, eg laundry all over, kids toys, paper clutter, etc… Where are the main stressors?

1. Now go to the ideal location for these items. Is there enough space for them to be stowed all at once? Do you need to get rid of part of it, or do you need more space or better organization of it? If you have enough space then it might be more of a matter of time management and routine, if not you might be keeping too much stuff or just not having proper storage.

2. If you don’t have an appointment calendar, get it now. If you live alone a portable one is fine, if you have a family get a large one that you can post somewhere because everyone needs to participate.

3. On your pad, list each activity that must be done this week and how long it will take. For example, work-9-5, one-way travel time 30 minutes. That’s 9 hours of your day plus the time you shower and get ready. One hour ballet lessons for daughter on Wednesdays only, plus travel time. Put everything down and write them in pencil on your new calendar. This shows you where your free time will be.

4. Take some free time to get yourself together. While it may seem daunting now, it won’t take that long.

5. List any chores that require travel, such as groceries and dry cleaning. Can you make these on the way home from get off work? Can you do it all at once to be more efficient instead of making multiple trips? Decide on a good time and put it on your calendar too.

6. Think about your morning routine, which is often where the day starts to go downhill. How much time do you need to prepare yourself? pet? children? breakfast? Clean up the house before leaving so it doesn’t get a mess when you get home? If you have family, I recommend getting up 2 hours before you need to leave or they need to go out. This gives you time to get ready, get them up and ready, prepare and eat breakfast as a family, and squeeze in a 30-minute walk or some kind of exercise. In order to do this, you need to plan the night before, such as:

A sort of.Lunch

b. clothing


d. Own project

e. A list of priorities for the day, knowing exactly where to focus your energy on any given day.

F.gasoline in car

7. Now think about your evening routine. How do you accomplish the above things? Do you have too much to do at night? Maybe the kids are getting involved in too many activities, or you need help getting them around. Do you eat healthy food at night? Are you eating too late and not cleaning because you’re exhausted? Then you have to mess things up and it’s downhill from there again. Remember, you are in control of your schedule and your life, and sometimes too much is too much. Even if you try to provide a quality of life by providing your family with lots of activities, if you’re depressed and irritable and the house is a mess and you’re driving by every night, that’s not quality of life. Think about the memories you are creating.

Now you know where the problem areas are and where your time might be wasted. Here are some general guidelines that will change the world in no time if you put them into practice.


1. Always put away dishes and dishes and refill the dishwasher after each meal.

2. Do a good job of cleaning once a week. Ask family members, including children, to help, especially in their own room. Many people feel guilty about teaching their children to do chores, but there’s really nothing to feel guilty about. They are just involved in the family and will one day run their own family. If they learn now, they won’t have to struggle with these issues later.

3. Keep money matters and files for all important documents and issues like credit card info, taxes, medical, legal, travel, etc. in one place…it’s great to be able to put your hands in the right place for you The moment you want.

4. All things are suitable, and all things have their place. It’s really that simple.

5. Create a cleaning schedule, weekly, daily, monthly and seasonal, and stick to it.


Being in financial trouble can be very frustrating and anxious. It can also damage relationships if you and your partner have very different styles of organizing your finances. You must control your finances. If your wife or husband is in charge of all the family’s financial records and planning, you still want to make sure you understand what’s going on, what accounts you have and whose name is on them. What happens to them if the other person dies or gets divorced? In a marriage, there’s no reason why everyone shouldn’t be fully informed about the family finances. If you and your partner keep your finances separate, fine, just keep yourself and those on your name in control at all times.

Many of us never grew up learning about money, or just never made it a point to learn about it as adults. Some of us are uncomfortable with this. But every day we have to pay for things, we have to eat somewhere and live somewhere, and it takes money to do all of these things. Saying you’re bad at money management is like saying you’re bad at buttoning your clothes. There are many good books and websites on financial matters, find a system that works for you and use it.


Does your car look like you live in it? It’s also very stressful, and brings chaos from your home into your drive. If your car is a mess, you’ll be more distracted and annoyed while driving.

1. Clean out everything you’ve eaten, wrappers, coffee cups, etc. every day…

2. Wipe the dust and grime off the console with a rag made just for the console to remove dust.

3. Wash your car once a week or at least every other time, if you can afford it. Let them vacuum and wipe down.

4. If old enough, each child riding in the vehicle is responsible for their own seating area.

5. Wipe dog nose prints off windows daily.


Another war zone, piled high with extra paperwork, piles of money, cough drops, candy with dirt in the wrappers, receipts from a year ago, hair supplies and makeup, a virtual dumping ground for the stuff we collect every day. None of them should be here.

Go through all purses and purses carefully and remove any junk.

Vacuum or wipe down the purse.

time management

You might need some help in that department too. Taking on too much and being disorganized is sure to set you down the path of frustration and overwhelm. There is only so much time, and only you. To manage time effectively, you must control time and yourself and not let things get in your way. Prioritize the things that must be done on any given day, and do those things first.

Work practices are also important. Research shows that overuse of email and social media wastes a lot of time every day. If you’re checking your Facebook page, you’re not completing your tasks, and they’re piling up, ready to cause you even more stress. Set daily goals and priorities, then accomplish them.

As mentioned, these are just general guidelines for gaining calm and control in your life, but they will get you started and provide immediate results and a significant reduction in your anxiety and/or depression symptoms.

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