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Sex the Elixir for Soul

From the beginning of the creation the principle rule of evolution is Survival of the fittest. So every creature of every species tries to posses the best quality and armours of adaptations to be dominant and to thrive along the struggle of life. Bread and butter, home, clothes alone are not the basic need for all. The word sex plays a vital and pivotal role in a life process of a human being (so also in other creatures also). In evolutionary view point there are several prime basic necessities of sex mainly –

Sex is needed to fight disease. (According to the Red Queen hypothesis first coined in late 1980s by Leigh Van Valen of the University of Chicago) sexual reproduction persists because it enables host species to evolve new genetic defences against parasites that attempt to live off them.

Sex is good for evolution because it creates genetic variety, which, in turn, is useful in adapting to constantly changing and challenging environments. (Reff-Mat Ridley;The Advantages of sex)

In the texts of Ayurveda the most ancient medical science of the world there are three basic needs or instincts which are inevitable and shouldn’t be suppressed. These three are: – Sleep Food and Sex. If any one of these three are distorted then we will porn and vulnerable for different diseases and subsequently can’t lead a normal life. In Ayurveda a whole branch of science known as Rasaayana And Vajikarana Tantra related to the improvement of sex and sexual life for both male and female is vividly described. In this branch also several medicinal formulas of herbs and also metallic drugs are described to increase the vigour and vitality and to prevent the effect of old age debility.

The reciprocal parallel development of sexuality and personality of an individual-The foundation of sexual activities and desires are laid in the subconscious mind from the very early stage of childhood. Freud advanced a theory of personality development that centred on the effects of the sexual pleasure drive on the individual psyche. A child at a given stage of development has certain needs and demands, such as the need of the infant to nurse. Frustration occurs when these needs are not met.

According to Freud’s theory

A child at a given stage of development has certain needs and demands, such as the need of the infant to nurse. Frustration occurs when these needs are not met; Overindulgence stems from such an ample meeting of these needs that the child is reluctant to progress beyond the stage. Both frustration and overindulgence lock some amount of the child’s libido permanently into the stage in which they occur; both result in a fixation. If a child progresses normally through the stages, resolving each conflict and moving on, then little libido remains invested in each stage of development. But if he fixates at a particular stage, the method of obtaining satisfaction which characterizes the stage will dominate and affect his adult personality.

The stages of development of an individual from the childhood to adulthood are: – Oral stage, Anal stage, Phallic stage, Latency period and finally The Genital stage. According to Sigmund Freud the overall manifestation of personality and sexual behaviour of an individual depends upon the growth passed through these stages.

In Oral stage which begins at birth and lasts up to the age of 1 to 1and half years. The child, get care and love with nursing, with the pleasure of sucking and accepting things into the mouth. The oral character if left unsatisfied and is lack of care and attention at this stage, whose mother refused to nurse one on demand or who terminated nursing sessions early, is characterized by pessimism, envy, suspicion and sarcasm. On the other site the overindulged oral character, who’s nursing urges were usually and often surplusly satisfied, give out the positive personality with optimistic, gullible, and is full of admiration for others around him.

Anal stage:-With the advent of toilet training comes the child’s obsession with the erogenous zone of the anus and with the retention or expulsion of the faeces. Based upon the resolution of anal stage the individual may develop into a character of messy, disorganized, reckless, careless, and defiant due to the result of anal expulsive character or a person may be of positive traits like; neat, precise, orderly, careful, stingy, withholding, obstinate, meticulous, and passive-aggressive due to anal retentive character. This stage develops the foundation of an individual that how he/she will deal with his/her higher authority and the subordinates and the inclination for his/her occupancy.

Phallic stage – In this stage, the child’s erogenous zone shifts to the genital region. The child becomes more interested in his genitals, and of others, conflict arises. The conflict, term as the Oedipus complex in man and the Electra complex in women, involves the child’s unconscious desire to possess the opposite-sexed parent and to eliminate the same-sexed one. This stage is vital for all individual in “sexual behaviour and attitude” point of view in adult stage. Due to fixation or unsatisfactory resolution a person may be a Homosexual, afraid or incapable of close love and can’t establish a relation with opposite sex. Fixation at the phallic stage develops a person of phallic characters, with the traits of reckless, resolute, self-assured, and narcissistic–excessively vain and proud features.

Latency period-In this stage the child’s sexual desire remains dormant. During the latency period, children divert this repressed libidal energy into asexual pursuits such as school, athletics, art, creativities and same-sex friendships. When puberty reaches, the genitals prevail once again as the centre of libidal energy.

The Genital Stage-The individual’s energy again concentrated in the genitals and the interest and attraction develops between opposite sex (heterosexual relation). If otherwise an individual’s energy is not misutilized in the psychosexual stages of development the capacity of that person will be to develop normal successful relationship with opposite sex. If the stages are unresolved or fixated particularly in phallic stage his development will be of stagnant and troubled as he/she will continue the struggle with further repression and defences. (Courtesy: David B. Stevenson ’96, Brown University,THE VICTORIAN WEB)

As the above explained psychological phenomenon how the latent dormant subconscious existence of sex in our mind shapes and moulds our personality and how inevitable inseparable instinct is evident from the postulated theories of Freud.

The physiological aspects related to sex

Our whole sexual desire and activities, libido etc. are orchestrated by the sex hormones i. e. Testosterones in male and Oestrogen/progesterone in female. The optimum and adequate level of these hormones have very inevitable and vital roles on the overall maintenance of normal physiology and metabolism of our body. Sex and foreplay triggers the secretion of hormone DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone), which is converted first into the hormone androstenedione, and then to a wide array of androgens and oestrogens, including male testosterone and the female hormone estradiol.

Maintenance of healthy regular sexual activities retains these hormones in their optimum and hence helps the current of normal physiological cascades in normal flow. The functions of testosterone are: – It is a vital hormone that brings puberty and adult growth. Also responsible for the muscle build up and growth of muscle mass, physical strength. Promotes red blood cell proliferation. Maintains the healthy bone density and promotes growth of bones and ligaments. Maintains the normal lipid and fat metabolism (deficiency causes obesity). Normal functioning of testosterone retains the normal sensitivity of insulin for glucose metabolism. Also promotes cell and tissue growth in hairs and nails. Maintains the immune system active and helps to fight against diseases and infections. Regeneration and repair of damaged tissues. Also promotes cognitive ability and normal memory. Above all the most important function is normal sexual desire and libido. This hormone is used for the anti aging effect as this hormone is solely responsible for the youth vigour and vitality. (Courtesy-Read more: Human Growth Hormone Testosterone Therapy | eHow. com )[web link- ]

Increasing testosterone increases protein synthesis in muscles as per the research conducted in the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry in 1989.

Emotional health and testosterone:- Depression, impaired cognition and increased fatigue are the symptoms of low testosterone production and hypogonadism as per the report of, “The American Academy of Family Physicians (Read more: )

In female the sex hormones apart from the sexual physiology also responsible for several others vital functions. The Oestrogen for example responsible for the normal cognitive function. Oestrogen acts as a vasodilator and increases blood supply to brain and hence oxygen,nutrients etc., so that the brain functions more efficiently. A healthy and normal brain function depends upon a number of biochemical receptors, which regulate the sensory and motor neuron action and reaction impulses etc. These receptors regulate the manufacture, duration, and destruction of substances called neurotransmitters. Key among the neurotransmitters believed responsible for many aspects of cognitive function and memory are serotonin, norepinephrine, and acetylcholine. Oestrogen affects these neurotransmitters as well as their receptors in the brain. Low levels of serotonin and norepinephrine are linked to depression and to reduced cognitive abilities; raising them relieves these symptoms. Oestrogen appears to stimulate serotonin and norepinephrine receptors in the brain, causing them to increase production ( Shepherd Janet E, J Amer Pharm Assoc 2001 41(2):221-228. )

Control of fluid and electrolyte balance within the body, ensuring that our skin retains moisture makes the coordination of a well toned skin with its lustre.

Maintain our bone density by increasing osteoblasts – which are bone forming cells.

Oestrogen maintains our muscle tone and fat metabolism; this includes the fat distribution on our hips, breasts, abdomen, thighs, and buttocks in fact all those curvy and luscious mesmerizing bits that makes us female. It also maintains the health of our inner reproductive organs especially the endometrial lining of the uterus. Dr. Winnifred Cutler, director of the Athena Institute for Women’s Wellness Research in Pennsylvania. In a study of 700 women, those who had sex at least once a week were found to have twice the levels of oestrogen as those who had sex less than once a week. According to her sex and orgasm at least once a week keeps a female’s reproductive system in a well toned up condition.

The other important female sex hormone is progesterone which is otherwise known as the hormone of maturation and development. The balanced secretion of oestrogen and progesterone is very essential for the normal physiology. It is an established fact that progesterone combats the bad effect of oestrogen.

Hormones released during sex and the benefits: A number of hormones released into the blood stream during sex and orgasms;namely Oxytocin, Endorphin, Prolactin, Norepinephrine,Serotonine,Vasopressin

Oxytocin In a study that measured oxytocin serum levels in women before and after sexual stimulation the author suggests that oxytocin serves an important role in sexual arousal. This study found that genital tract stimulation resulted in increased oxytocin immediately after orgasm. ( Blaicher W, Gruber D, Bieglmayer C, Blaicher AM, Knogler W, Huber JC (1999). “The role of oxytocin in relation to female sexual arousal”. Gynecologic and Obstetric Investigation 47 (2): 125-6). Oxytocin evokes feelings of contentment, reductions in anxiety, and feelings of calmness and security around the mate. [ Meyer, Dixie (2007). “Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors and Their Effects on Relationship Satisfaction”. The Family Journal 15 (4): 392-397. ] Many studies have already shown a correlation of oxytocin with human bonding, increases in trust, and decreases in fear. One study confirmed that there was a positive correlation between oxytocin plasma levels and an anxiety scale measuring the adult romantic attachment. [ Marazziti D, Dell’Osso B, Baroni S, et al. (2006). “A relationship between oxytocin and anxiety of romantic attachment”. Clinical Practice and Epidemiology in Mental Health 2: 28. ] This suggests that oxytocin may be important for the inhibition of brain regions that are associated with behavioural control, fear, and anxiety, thus allowing orgasm to occur.

Endorphin: The blissful pleasure in orgasm during sex is due to the release of Endorphin. Endorphin production can increase 200% from the beginning to the end of sexual activity (Candace Pert, Ph. D. of Johns Hopkins University). Endorphin is responsible:-

For Control feelings of stress and frustration.

It is the euphoric hormones which enhance the zest of happy living.

Regulate the production of growth and sex hormones.

Reduce symptoms associated with eating disorders.

Sex and exercise are the two guarantied activities which trigger the release of Endorphin. it is now an established fact from modern research that endorphins may actually improve your body’s insulin action, thereby reversing or decreasing insulin resistance and hence can be a panacea for diabetes. So endorphin is the antidote for depression and anxiety and creates a greatly improved mood.

Serotonins: According to Dr Jim Pfaus, research psychologist at Concordia University in Montreal, says that serotonins create feelings of satiety, which are evident after a good meal or good sex, bringing relaxation and relieving stress. It is a well-known contributor to feelings of well-being; therefore it is also known as a “happiness hormone”.

Vasopressin: It maintains homeostasis, and the regulation of water, glucose, and salts in the blood. It increases peripheral resistance and increases the blood pressure hence prevent the body from hypovolemic shock. In recent research findings although controversial it has been postulated that this hormone is responsible for memory formation, including delayed reflexes, image, short- and long-term memory.

So overall illustration of the positive effects of these above mentioned hormones are directly related to the successful and healthy regular activities of sexual intercourse and practice with an individual’s loyal partner and the relation must be of concrete faithfulness and glad relationship. It has shown in research that individuals having a sexual relation other than his/her loyal committed partner or committing adulteries and perverted sexual activities do not produce such advantages in their hormonal physiology.

Healthy long agile life through sex

Cardiovascular health and sex:Orgasm, and indeed sex as a whole, are physical activities that can require exertion of many major bodily systems. A 1997 study in the British Medical Journal [54] based upon 918 men age 45-59 found that after a ten year follow-up, men who had fewer orgasms were twice as likely to die of any cause as those having two or more orgasms a week. A follow-up in 2001 which focused more specifically on cardiovascular health found that having sex three or more times a week was associated with a 50% reduction in the risk of heart attack or stroke. The vigorous blood circulation and pumping of heart during sex gives the circulatory system a well tone up rejuvenation and refreshment. This also helps lowering hypertension and thus prevent the risk of heart attack and strokes.

Skin health and youthness:In case of female who are sexually active and get orgasm in a regular basis their skin get a glow and shiny lustre. Women who have more sex therefore have higher levels of Oestrogen, which is essential for healthy and smooth skin and shiny hairs. Oestrogen prevents skin’s collagen, elastin and Glycosaminoglycans thus prevent sagging, wrinkling and drying of skin. Oestrogens are also said to maintain skin moisture by increasing acid mucopolysaccharides and hyaluronic acid in the skin. Hyaluronic acid provides volume and fullness to the skin minimising the formation of wrinkles. The series of muscle contraction expansion with the generation of latent body heat and sweating oozes produced during whole process of foreplay and intercourse, open up and clears up the hair follicles, sebaceous glands and the dirt heads,pimples, acne etc. making the skin forever young.

Prevention of prostate cancer It is already an established fact and study conducted in Melbourne, Australia, found that frequent ejaculation due to sexual intercourse and orgasm dramatically decreases the risk of prostate cancer in men. So it is very vital fact that how necessary and inevitable to quench the sexual desire and thirst and also the imbalanced cascade of testosterone in blood.

Sex and creativity: Certainly; whether it is men or women both get the sense of well being and contentment from the regular pleasurable sexual relationship. It generates the optimistic attitude towards life, and equips an individual to sail easily through the struggle full stormy sea of life. The sense of well being sparks the fuel of enthusiasm for an individual to indulge in the constructive and creative traits like science, trade and artistic fields like literatures music,acting,dancing, painting, photography etc.

Sexual orgasm and immune system: The release of oxytocin during orgasm prevents from breast cancer, leukaemia, brain tumours. An well achieved orgasm releases the T3 and T4 lymphocytes cells in our blood which protects and fight against the invaded foreign particles in our body and hence helps to ward off infections.

Healthy strong relationship: The pleasurable touch,caressing, kissing, hugging, and bringing each other the paradise of hilarious blissful joy of orgasm brings intimacy and helps two committed opposite sex partners to grow their life time bond into more loyal and strong both emotionally and physically. This increases the feelings of security.

In conclusion:It is a fact that our neurological, fundamental making and functioning of our brain is related to the governing of basic physical needs. So more the basic needs and instincts are quenched the more well coordinated a brain and mind will exhibit in its function and efficacy. Therefore; sex amongst the three most basic instincts (Hunger, Sleep, and Sex) should never be suppressed or avoided.

The whole basis of our existence happiness on earth is depend upon full feeling our wants, primarily our basic ones; if not satisfied we can’t thrive. Apart from the inevitable life giving food, air and water other basic biological needs are; Shelter,love and relationship, sex, touch,understanding etc. When our needs are unquenched it triggers a cascades of emotions ranging from fear, confusion, anguish, shame, bewilderment, irritation, pessimism, unease, gloom, disappointment, depressed, disturbed, unhappy, weary, worried, upset, resentful, angry, hurt, hostile, mournful, lonely, dull, dismayed, worried, mean, mournful, and many other negative corrosive feelings which make an individual downtrodden.

When our basic and real needs are satisfied that enliven our life with a range of good feelings that include happiness, feelings like feeling alive, self contentment, freedom, adventurous, optimistic, hopeful, excited, confidence, appreciation, thankful, love, thrilled, faith and trusting, good sense of humour, ecstatic and blissful. So health and happiness are directly related to whether our needs are being met or not.

So sex is an inevitable element which controls an individual’s conscience, development and manifestation of personality. Even some cults advocate to eradicate the sexual indulgence from our life to get the enlightenment of knowledge but how many could able to do that?In hungry stomach one can’t think about religion and so also unquenched basic desires can’t enlighten a soul.

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