How+Do+I+Transfer+Everything+From+My+Old+Iphone+To+My+New+Iphone Blackberry Vs iPhone – The Differences and Despair Caused by Moving From One to Another

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Blackberry Vs iPhone – The Differences and Despair Caused by Moving From One to Another

At a meeting I attended recently, I found myself completely abandoned by the other 18 people sitting around the table. I’m the only one with a Blackberry, everyone else has an iPhone. Every iPhone user I’ve talked to has raved about it. But I’ve never met anyone who “converted” from a BlackBerry.

I’ve used Blackberries in various forms for years. My last two are Blackberry Pearls. Similar in size to a normal cell phone with a small qwerty keyboard, these phones will allow you to type a line or two to reply to urgent emails while staying up-to-date on all incoming letters without having to carry anything the size of a small country in your pocket.

I love blackberries, but everyone tells me to get an iPhone, and this month I finally gave in and made a change. After surfing the web, I found various comparisons of the two devices, but none described the pain of moving from one phone to the other, nor did they describe the pros and cons of each.

If you have a BlackBerry and are considering a crossover, read on! Note that I’m not particularly technically minded. I am just a user. When I have a problem, I do some research on the internet to see if that can solve my problem.

A little bit about me and how I use my BlackBerry. I run an online wine merchant where people can buy wine online. I also serve as a consultant financial director for several businesses. So I have about 10 email accounts that I like to read on the go. Some require instant replies, but generally, I don’t write lengthy replies until I’m back at my computer. I travel a lot so roaming charges are a big deal, and I also have a separate iPod that I use for video/music.

Since I got my new iPhone, I think I’ve spent two full days making the switch from my BlackBerry. The first thing is to transfer all my contacts to the new phone. realize! Be very clear. I have contacts from my previous phone on my SIM card, but any new contacts entered into my BlackBerry are stored on the phone, not the SIM card. There is no “bulk copy” feature on Blackberry. You have to make a copy of any contacts you want to take with you. That’s because old-style SIM contacts and phone numbers are an outdated technology, the technicians say, and each of your contacts should have a full biography about them. Well, I’m an old school user and I like to have a person store a phone number or two, so I had to copy all of them one by one, although I ended up just re-entering them on the iPhone. This is because in BlackBerry my contacts are called “Bob mobile”, “Bob Home” or “Jim mobile”. Unfortunately, in iPhone this means I now have over 100 people with the last name mobile. Worse, when you type “bob” into the phone book, it only searches for the last name. In a BlackBerry, typing “bob” would mean a short list of people with “bob” anywhere in their name. So I had to re-edit everyone’s names (work another day).

Perhaps the biggest hit is the management of e-mail. As mentioned, I have 10 email accounts. On BlackBerry, it’s all managed in the same inbox, and when new emails arrive, they’re simply lined up and ready to read. When replying, if you want to reply from a different email account, this is easy to do. However, the iPhone alone holds all email accounts. While you have a summary screen telling you which accounts have new messages, you have to go into each account to read the messages, go back to the summary screen and go into another account. Unable to manage all messages at the same time.

Worse than that, if you want to connect to a Microsoft Exchange server, once you activate “SSL” (which you need to do for it to work), you have to enter at least a four-letter password every time you want to see your cell phone. That means if you pick up your phone to check the time, make a call, check to see if you have any emails, you have to enter your passcode. Unbelievably frustrating! There are plenty of blogs on the internet that tell you how to turn it off if you accidentally turn it on, but that means that particular email address is no longer valid. The only way around this is to forward all emails to one gmail account. So if you have an email account like [email protected], set up a gmail account like [email protected] However, this means that any replies sent from this account will come from gmail, not from

The iPhone works by having a home button that takes you to the home screen, from where you can start browsing your contacts, calendar, email, and more. The main problem here is that there’s no “back” key that we’re all used to. So if you’re using a feature (like email) and you want to check your calendar, you have to keep going in and out of the home screen to get anywhere.

Battery life is an issue. Remember when cell phones first came out and you had to charge them every day or even every 12 hours. Today, we’re in an age where cellphone battery life can stretch to a week with limited use, or a few days with extended use. Unless you have a throwback to the Ice Age iPhone. Charging my phone every day means taking another cord, adapter, plug, etc. with me wherever I go.

All of these have been negative so far. The main positive aspect of the iPhone is that it is an entertainment device, not a phone. I can now use my phone instead of my iPod. I can check the weather forecast, stock prices, sports news, or anything else faster and easier (with the push of a button) than with a BlackBerry. Browsing the Internet and even shopping for wine gifts just got easier with your iPhone. I can download movies (although using my own DVDs is still more trouble than it’s worth). There are over 100,000 “apps” available for download, some of which are quite interesting. Best by far has to be the ability to program my Sky box at home from anywhere in the world!

Oh, and if you’re traveling abroad, data charges are huge. I’m not sure how or why, but with blackberries, you can state “only download 10kb of data from each email by default”. If you need more, just download the rest of the email. On the iPhone, you have similar settings for download limits and pictures, but it seems to ignore them and download everything. For the first three days I paid £80 for data while I was in the UK. I switched to Unlimited Tariffs, but this only works for the UK. Overseas data is still expensive, and there’s nothing I can do to stop it (unless I turn off roaming data completely and lose all email contact). I think it has something to do with the way the iPhone downloads email each time. I don’t really care why that is; I do care about the cost of using it (without the hassle of connecting to a wifi network).

So all in all, Blackberry or iPhone? BlackBerry is a business tool that excels at managing email and old-style contact lists and calendars. It’s easy to use, has long battery life, and is cheap when roaming. iPhone is an entertainment tool that also manages e-mail, a new type of contacts, a new type of calendar, connections, and more. They are two separate devices with different purposes. If you’re a business person who’s been using a Blackberry for a while, I recommend you stick with it. I’ll keep it for now since I’ve been converting to the iPhone, but still crave the ease of use of the Blackberry.

A new sales person started working for me this week and I insisted they use a BlackBerry. That speaks for itself.

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