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Ransomware Protection Guide

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Over the past few years, you may have noticed the emergence of a new and very nasty computer threat called ransomware. According to Kaspersky, computers are infected with ransomware every 10 seconds! In 2017, more than 150 countries were affected by a variant of ransomware called WannaCry. Really made a lot of people want to cry, as the damage it caused was estimated to be over $1 billion!

So, how does this ransomware work? Let’s take a moment to see how it infects your computer and what it does to it afterward.

Stage 1: Infection

Ransomware typically tries to infect your computer in two ways. The first is an infected email attachment. Using a technique called phishing, a hacker can get to know you through your LinkedIn or Facebook account, then send you an email that sounds like it’s from a colleague or friend of yours. This email will contain an infected attachment with a name related to what you will receive from them. By studying you and your habits, hackers make fraudulent emails more believable and increase your chances of clicking an infected attachment.

Another way ransomware can infect your computer is through damaged or infected web pages. In this case, you can receive emails, text messages, or even LinkedIn or Facebook posts with links on your phone. This type of message or post is carefully crafted to look legitimate and tricks you into clicking it, bringing you to an infected webpage. Afterwards, the ransomware on the page scans your computer for vulnerabilities. If it finds one, the ransomware will immediately use it to infect your computer.

Phase 2: Damage Unleashed

After infecting your computer, one of the first things ransomware does is scan your computer and every external storage medium for files that are important to you. For example, your photos, videos, music and MS Office files are good choices. Once the files are found, whether locally or on the network, the ransomware encrypts them with its own key. Once the files are encrypted, they are useless to you because their contents are rearranged and your computer no longer understands them and cannot open the files. Note that system files belonging to the operating system usually remain unchanged. This will render your computer inoperable and prevent the ransomware from proceeding to the next step.

Stage 3: Demanding ransom

Once the ransomware has done its dirty work and encrypted every file you hold dear, it sends out a ransom note. In the letter, it explains to you that your files are encrypted and in order to have them decrypted or put back as they were and access them again, you have to pay a ransom. You see, a simple money transfer can easily be traced by the authorities, and hackers are quickly caught. That’s why hackers came up with an even more sinister plan to use another currency called Bitcoin. This currency is legal and used for financial transactions on the network. However, hackers love the anonymity of Bitcoin. Tracing bitcoin transactions is nearly impossible, making currency exchanges safe from hackers and untraceable to us. Since most of us don’t have bitcoins around, hackers will “politely point you” to legitimate sites where you can buy bitcoins with your own money. They will then tell you where to pay with your newly purchased Bitcoins. In return, the hacker should send you a key or offer ransomware decryption options so you can get your files back. The ransom demanded varies, but the average value is around $679 in Bitcoin. To make matters worse, there is no guarantee that you will get your files back after you pay. There are many reports of users paying and getting nothing in return! Sounds scary doesn’t it?

so what do you do How do you stop this nightmare?


You may need to do several things to reduce your risk of infection:

Keep your OS updated

It turns out that most ransomware uses vulnerabilities found in operating systems like Windows 7, 8, and 10. By regularly updating your operating system, you can fix these holes, so when ransomware tries to infect your computer, the holes are plugged! In the Windows operating system, you can set it to update automatically, and all you have to do is restart your computer every now and then when updates are applied.

Proper selection and installation of an anti-malware solution

Your protection software plays a huge role in protecting your computer from all kinds of malware (malware), including ransomware. It detects malicious behavior and stops it before it can cause significant damage. Maintaining a proper and updated anti-malware solution is absolutely essential to keep your computer clean and protected.

The Last Frontier of Protection: Backup

You might be surprised to learn that the best defense against ransomware is to be proactive. Instead of trying to recover after your computer has been infected (which is proving increasingly difficult these days), restore it to a previously uninfected state! You keep a backup of your entire computer on external and protected media. If your computer is attacked by ransomware, instead of paying the hackers and praying that they decrypt your files, simply restore your computer from a previous backup! There are many backup solutions on the market that can help you back up your computer, but the current leader is Acronis. It can take a full backup of your computer and easily restore it to a previous state in case of disaster.

Let us know your thoughts and comments in the section below, and good luck!

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