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Improve The Process – Thinking Like God

Ever since I was a small child, I have been fascinated by the concept of “streamlining.”

When my grade school teacher was clueless, completely oblivious to the fact that at least half the kids were not “getting” the math she was teaching, I was the one they sneaked off to consult, because I seemed to explain it in a way that anyone could understand.

I have always had a gift for bringing order to chaos – for mentally organizing random thoughts and data.

When I was in college, my favorite business instructor was fond of saying, “Improve the process.”

He would present us with a challenge – some sort of business problem to solve or process to create, and he would ask us to propose a solution.

I was always amazed by the fact that no matter how brilliant our solutions seemed, the minute he smiled and said, “Improve the process,” we could invent something even better. He would smile again and say, “Improve the process,” and our newest brilliant idea would give way to something even more spectacular. This would sometimes continue for several rounds, and I would find myself thinking ahead – as soon as we’d create what seemed to be the “perfect” solution, I was already looking for ways to improve it even more.

The game intrigued me, but I never pondered it long enough to ask, “Where are all these ideas coming from?”

At that time, I took it for granted that the process would eventually reach an impasse, hitting a point where it would no longer be possible to “improve the process” any further.

Today, I’m not so sure.

The act of releasing has been a powerful force in my life for many years. What continues to surprise and delight me is the manner in which I am called to release.

It’s as though my Highest Self (feel free to substitute “The Universe,” “God,” “The Infinite,” or whichever name you prefer) is ever-present, silently nudging me to “improve the process.”

When I first began releasing, I was introduced to affirmations.

Affirmations can be effective tools, but I personally find them quite tedious.

Writing out my affirmations any number of times (some experts tell you to do it 13 times a day, while others recommend upwards of 100 times a day) felt an awful lot like grade school punish-work.

The process of repeating affirmations ad nauseum simply does NOT feel good to me. In the realm of attracting and releasing, anything that does not feel good lowers our vibration and can have an adverse effect on our ability to manifest.

What’s more, whenever I attempted to release a limiting belief by creating an affirmation that stated the exact opposite of my belief, I always felt like I was playing “Whack-A-Mole.” Remember that old kids game where you got a mallet and the moles would pop up out of little holes, and you had to bash each one down as soon as it appeared? No sooner would you pummel one down into its hole, then another would start popping up. That’s exactly how I feel about using affirmations to release old beliefs.

In other words, it’s a lot of work.

And since I’m not particularly a fan of “work,” I began to attract increasingly easier ways to release and attract.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as “tapping”) was something I instantly loved. It is so simple, so brilliant, and anyone can use the technique to clear multiple beliefs in just 30 minutes or so. Plus, EFT leaves you feeling fabulous afterwards – definitely a plus.

Hypnosis was something I tried, but I didn’t stick with it. I think the biggest drawback for me was that I had to involve another person any time I wanted to release something, and that wasn’t always practical. I had no interest whatsoever in learning self-hypnosis, and it would take me so long to get into a deep, restful state, that this also felt like too much work to me.

I can still remember the day I learned the “Q-word” method from Colette Streicher. I was so impressed with the speed and efficacy of this particular technique that I partnered with Colette for a live teleclass. (The audios are still available today at I was amazed to have discovered something even faster than EFT, and the beauty of the Q-word method was that I didn’t have to know exactly what my belief was, in order to clear it. Extraordinary!

The methods I found for releasing were getting increasing easier, as the Universe continued to show me how to “improve the process.” I marveled at how much simpler each process became, and now that I have discovered how to use Fluent Communication, I cannot see any possible way that I could further “Improve the process.”

I first experienced fluency on a Monday morning, when I was at my wit’s end. My daughter was just four months old, and was not yet sleeping through the night. My husband and I would take turns getting up with her at night, but because I was still nursing her, there was no way for me to sleep all the way through the night.

Ask any new mother – four months without a decent night’s sleep seems worse than the Chinese water torture, and it can wreak havoc with your mental capacity.

I was completely unprepared for this lack of sleep, as our first child had begun sleeping through the night when she was just nine weeks old.

In addition to my lack of sleep (which led to extreme irritability — just ask my husband), I was also stressed out because my baby had developed a mucous-y sounding cough, which didn’t seem to be resolving on its own.

I was torn between whether or not to take her to the doctor – I didn’t want to take her if she would just be put on antibiotics (or worse yet, be told there was nothing to do but wait it out), but I didn’t want to not take her if it turned out to be something serious.

I was explaining all this during a scheduled session with my coach, when she said something that absolutely floored me.

“Let me see if I have information for you.”

I held my breath.

“Aaaah,” she said, and after a pause, “hmmm, that’s very interesting.”

At that point, I wanted to leap through the phone and shake the news out of her. I could barely contain myself while I waited for her to relay whatever “message” she intended to deliver.

I was completed unprepared for such a message. My coach was receiving information directly from my daughter’s Spirit.

Now before you roll your eyes or think I’m getting all woo-woo airy-fairy on you, just listen to what she said, and to what happened next. I am a no-B.S. kind of person, but like I said, I was at my wit’s end, and I was desperate. She could have told me to hop on one foot while singing “Mary Had a Little Lamb” and I would have gladly done it, if I thought it would give me a decent night’s sleep and an answer to my doctor dilemma.

My coach proceeded to speak to me very calmly, like it was perfectly normal to be receiving a message from a four-month-old baby. She spoke as though the baby was there with her (900 miles away, and not in my lap), as though my coach was translating for my infant.

Essentially, my coach told me that the baby was fine (physically), and that there was nothing to worry about regarding her health. However, she (my baby) was requesting that I eat more grapefruit (remember, I was still nursing at the time) and more leafy, green vegetables. She also wanted a very warm bath in a room that would feel stifling hot to me, and she wanted me to put some camphor in a bowl near her bath.

“Wow,” I said. “That’s pretty specific.”

Then the message got really interesting. The message said that now that she (the baby) is here, I can’t just continue on with my life, as though it’s business as usual. She said that because we are so tightly bound, she knows that everything is OK when I am with her, and when I’m not there (e.g., when she is in her room, at night), she doesn’t feel as safe as she does when she is with me. She says as soon as she knows that she is my number one priority, and that her needs will be met no matter what, she will sleep through the night.

Holy cow. I was absolutely blown away.

But that’s not even the most interesting part.

When our session ended, I cancelled all my appointments and forgot about work for the day–one of the many perks of being self-employed. I dropped everything to be with my baby. I had received her message loud and clear, and I understood that she wanted to know she was first in my life. I bought lettuce and grapefruit. We cuddled and played, and I sang to her.

Later that afternoon, I was playing with her in my home office, and my husband was with us. I asked him to watch her for a minute, so I could go to the freezer in the garage and pull out something for dinner.

No sooner had I opened the freezer door, when I heard my husband holler, “Amy! Amy! Come here, quick!”

Immediately thinking something was wrong, I dashed back into the house and into my office. “What? What is it?” I demanded.

He looked at me and said, “The second you left the room, she started saying ‘Mama! Mama! Mama!'”

That was the first word she had ever spoken.

That night, the baby slept for six hours straight, and I couldn’t help but be grateful for my first near-complete night’s sleep in four months.

After this, I was intrigued by this idea of fluent communication, but I wasn’t really motivated to learn it myself.


During another session with my coach, I identified a whopper of a limiting belief. No sooner had I identified it, I started thinking, “I have a lot of work to do to clear and release this belief.”

Then the most extraordinary thing happened.

My coach said, “Let me check and see if it’s optimal for me to release this belief for you.”

What?! I could hardly believe my ears. I didn’t even know it was possible to release a belief FOR someone else. I silently prayed for a “yes” answer, and my wish was granted.

I was so excited, I could hardly sit still. “What do I do?” I asked my coach.

“Nothing. Just listen,” she replied.

Nothing? Really? I was stunned that I could literally sit there and do nothing, and she could release a belief for me – permanently.

I could hear my heart pounding in my chest as I tried to relax and pay attention. My mind was racing.

My coach said a few sentences, and then ended with, “I am free. I am free. I am free.”

“OK, that’s it,” she said.

Other than having a strong sense of peace, I didn’t really feel any different. I wondered if it had worked. My coach assured me that it had in fact worked, and that I should be prepared, because my entire life could suddenly shift now that we had cleared this long-standing, very powerful limiting belief.

As my life did indeed begin to transform dramatically, and as my coach did several more releases for me in future sessions, I became a true believer in fluent communication. I started to make lists of beliefs I wanted my coach to clear during our sessions.

Then, one night, I was sitting in bed, reading a book. Suddenly, I was struck by the realization of a huge limiting belief that I had not previously identified.

Since there was at least a week until my next coaching session, I decided to see if I could clear it myself, fluently.

Intellectually, I didn’t really know what to do, because my coach had never explained to me how she did it. So I just allowed myself be guided (which, not coincidentally, is simply a form of fluency).

I cleared the belief successfully, and I was left feeling certain that the belief was gone for good.

At this point, I was hooked on fluency for sure. I cleared massive beliefs, and I was always amazed at how quick and simple the whole process was.

Three months later, I was on the phone with a friend of mine, and he was going through a really rough time. I was inspired to do a little coaching with him, and we quickly identified the belief that had been running (i.e., wrecking) his life since he was 4 years old. He had never looked at it from that perspective, and it was a little rattling for him to see what had been at the root of all of his frustration throughout his life.

I felt inspired to use fluency to release the belief for him, but I was hesitant. After all, I didn’t know him very well, and let’s face it – this whole thing is pretty “out there” for most people. Besides, I had never done a release for anyone else.

But the nudge was stronger when I resisted, and I felt I had to say something. After all, our conversation that very day had begun with a deep discussion about taking inspired action, and here I was, clearly receiving inspiration to offer this gift to him.

In a tone that seemed far less confident than my usual self, I asked him, “Would you be open to disappearing that belief?”

“Huh?” he asked. “What do you mean, disappearing?”

I took a deep breath. “I mean disappear, as in gone forever, never to return.”

“Uh, well, yeah, I would be open to that.” He sounded a bit unsure, yet mildly willing.

“I have to be honest. I have never done this for another person before, so there’s a chance it may not work at all.” I felt the need to give this disclaimer (can you tell that was my ego talking, and not the Divine? I can’t say I’ve ever heard God use a disclaimer…)

So I did my thing. And when it was done, I told him the same thing my coach had told me after the first release she did for me. Basically, don’t freak out if your entire life changes from this point forward.

I asked him how he felt, and he sounded surprised when he told me he felt extremely peaceful. We chatted a bit more and ended the call.

Encouraged by my apparently successful attempt at clearing someone else’s beliefs, I soon found numerous opportunities to perform releases for other people. It was quickly becoming clear to me that each release I did for someone else provided a powerful release for me as well. I suppose it’s true that we teach what we most need to learn.

I also did joint releases (combined releases for myself and someone close to me – my spouse, a business partner, etc.) and soon began to perform group releases via live teleclasses.

I then incorporated this method of fluent release into sessions with my private coaching clients, who are overjoyed by the instant relief and remarkable transformation that comes with fluency.

The results are truly extraordinary.

Although I must limit the number of private sessions I can perform each week, I am finding other ways to assist people in performing releases, through teleclasses, workshops, and other methods.

This is by far the most fluid method I have ever experienced. It’s fast, it’s simple, and it’s powerful beyond anything I’ve seen before.

Which leads me to wonder…what could be next? How on earth could the Universe “improve the process” any more?

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