My Baby Started Having Gas Pains At 2 Months Old 2017 And Beyond

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2017 And Beyond

Doesn’t everyone want to know what their future holds? Well I am writing this article to awaken your subconscious to the real you. Who you truly are, why you are here, and the truth about the world you currently live in. By me sharing this information with you, you will learn how you can have everything your heart desires, easily. When you become aware of your truths, you will be able to create your own future.

Before I begin, I would like to share with you a little bit about myself. Afterwards this information I am about to share, will affect your lives in ways you can’t even imagine. I am also adding a little history of why you have forgotten who you truly are and how to change that. Do yourselves a favor and read this with an open mind because what you will learn is that this information is not new to you yet extremely valuable. I will show you how you can create money, love, happiness, good health, and anything else you desire. You know this truth, yet, you have been blocked from it. I am offering you the keys that will unlock your subconscious which will help you remember who you truly are.

I have come to this world for only one reason which was to awaken this world to their truths. My life has been a struggle where lessons upon lessons have been put on my path leading me to this point in time. I have noticed that I am attacked constantly by evil forces trying to keep me from sharing this truth to all of you. I have been protected always, even through the hard times. I have always known I had an important mission but not until recently has it all come into place where I have complete understanding of who I am. I am A World Messenger and Healer. I have experienced every negative situation you can imagine so as to help others with their problems no matter what they have experienced. I am in total and complete understanding of the world we live in and the world you see and cannot see. Other than the fact that I have received these messages and shared with friends and family, I always hear the same old words, “oh that didn’t happen, you are making this up, or I don’t believe you.” I have been outcasted and bullied by others because of what I know. It does not stop me. Everything I am going to share with you and everything I have previously shared comes not only from my heart, but my experience. I never share hearsay. Years ago I asked my guides and God to please give me proof for others to see which they did. About 2 ½ years ago proof of existence other than what you see have showed up in my photos yet there are people who still disbelieve me. I have learned all those who don’t believe what I tell them, who don’t believe my experiences, or brush off what they see is because they carry major amounts of fear. Life has only two energies; fear or love. Most live in fear energy. It is time to leave your fears behind and attach yourselves to the love energy. I am being guided to write this article because most of you are not only ready to hear what I have to say but have asked for these truths. The time is now!

There are 50 Universal Laws that you are not aware of. These are the laws of the universe that have affected your life since birth. These are the only laws to live by. The evil forces have ruled this planet for the last 300,000 years by manipulating you to follow their rules, the ones you currently live by. I am not going to list all these50 Universal laws as you can find them on YouTube and read them at your leisure.

One of the most important law is the Law of Attraction. You are your own creators and have the power to create whatever you need. The evil forces learned this and have used it against you for their gain. They care nothing about you; not your life, your health, or your well being. They have manipulated you to create what you don’t want without you knowing it. There are some truths I am about to share that will upset you, but revenge and anger is not welcomed. This coming year, truths will continue to unfold which will create chaos amongst you but I am here to inform you not to allow them to upset you. The evil forces have known this truth and used it to their advantage. In the process they created ways to convince you that what you think you know is truth only to give them control over you and this world. In fact, they are currently after me because they don’t want me to share this with you. I am being protected by starships and have pictures to show you. The ships follow me everywhere to keep me safe in order to share these with you. In truth, the Star of Bethlehem was not a star but also a starship protecting baby Jesus. That scene was not during December as you have all been led to believe, but around the month of April. In truth, Christmas was created for store profits. Jesus had a message for this world. He never died at the cross for your sins. That was not his journey. In any case, we also create collectively. What this means is we are only energy. Our thoughts create whatever we want. All of us together, collectively, have created our own problems because of the lies and deceits you believe. This is how they controlled you. This is how you have been their puppets, collectively, by being manipulated by erroneous beliefs. When more people are awakened and become aware, then this world as you know it will change in an instant. Collectively you have created the weather, the violence, the racial issues, your monetary problems, so it is imperative to change what you believe to help change your life which in turn, collectively we will change this world.

The following are some of the lies you need to release in order to make the changes you need to make now. During these times, it is easy to change with quick results. It won’t take you very long as everything has been set in motion. As soon as you get the hang of it you will see your results instantly. Remember if you tell yourself that this is too much work or too hard then it will be. Are you tired of being negative? Is it an inconvenience for you to be happy and drama free? Think about it!

What You Need to Release

  1. Control and ego
  2. Putting others before you
  3. Dogma
  4. God judges you
  5. You judging others
  6. Following other’s guidance
  7. Fear of germs
  8. That others and weather changes make you sick
  9. Money problems
  10. Working for retirement
  11. Fear of death
  12. Fear of dying
  13. Fear of people
  14. Everything you fear
  15. Fear of disease
  16. Believing your doctors
  17. Believing the news
  18. Believing what you see on television
  19. Believing we are separate from each other
  20. Our government
  21. Giving money to cures such as cancer
  22. Pharmaceuticals
  23. Plastic surgery
  24. Believing in age
  25. Believing that you get old
  26. Terrorism
  27. Adam and Eve

I can go on and on but I am sure you are getting the picture. Everything you know is erroneous. You are their puppets performing their lies creating your fears. You have been living in a matrix trapped by fears created by evil all for their profit.

Who are we truly? We are powerful creators who live in a magical world. Everyone lives by their perception and no two people perceive the same thing. The only person that should matter to you is YOU. You were made to believe that if you care about yourself, you are selfish. That is the beginning of their control over you. We are not separate from each other but connected as one. We are not singular but multidimensional. Your dreams are real. They teach you, educate you in symbols. You are able to travel in your physical body just like your dreams. We are all our own Gods. We are our own creators, not God. God is the only power of the universe and everyone else who you think has power over you does only because YOU BELIEVE THAT TO BE TRUE. Which leads me to this… whatever you believe you create so stop believing anything that takes you away from magic. No one on this earth does anything to you. Stop blaming others for your unhappiness. Everyone is your mirror. Every challenge you face are others coming to you to show you what you do not know about yourselves. This is your shadow self. The only person you need to study and know is yourself. We are one, connected to each other. When you hurt others, you are hurting yourself. When you steal from others, you are stealing from yourself. Whatever you do to another, you are only doing it to yourself. We are only here to learn and to grow higher in vibration. During this process, you are also here to have your hearts desires and see the magic of this world. We were never meant to be ill, age, experience pain, be homeless, separate from each other and anything else that is negative. Our diseases were created by them for monetary gain. In fact everything we do has been for monetary gain for them, not you. Think about all the money we pay on taxes, borders, electricity, gas, housing, doctors, surgeries, diseases, funerals,etc. All of this was created by them played out by you.

We are not human, but energy and light. We are spirits trying to have a human experience. We are in our bodies temporarily but there is no death because we are eternal. We leave our bodies behind and exist back home in the light. When we leave this planet, we then know the truths. We do not carry any fear, hatred, or vengeance because those energies are not real. We recognize each other through our eyes. Time isn’t real. There is only time here. Have you noted that some days time flies by while other days it seems to last forever? This is because time is disappearing. We meet people all the time we feel we have known before because we have. You have experienced other life times together and played different roles. Your spouse in this life could have been your brother, sister, mother, or father in another timeline. We make promises to each other to meet again. Not everyone in your life was meant to stay in your life. Love is not pain. You have been made to believe that. There are no accidents. Every single thing that happens in your life and the lives of others happened for a reason. Always step back from what you think was a bad experience and look at what you learned from it for your own growth. Thank the people who challenge you by helping you learn more about yourself. No lesson leaves you until you learn it. You cannot hide from yourself or move away because you bring yourself with you. People will continue to come into your life with different looks to teach you what you need to learn. They will continue to come in different shapes and sizes until you learn that lesson before it leaves you for good.

The following is how to change your life to be the creator you truly are. Again I repeat, you are the creator of your own life. You are responsible for everything that happens to you. You draw people into your lives because of what you think and believe. If you want your outcomes to change then you must change. Some of you have heard this many times before so this next part is how to do this.

You chose to come here to be here at this time because you know the outcome; heaven is coming to earth.

You are strong warriors and are being watched by our families in the heavens and the stars. Aliens are your brothers and sisters too, so any other ideas you have about them is incorrect. Each of us have our own master guide, guiding us along our journey plus angels and ascended masters. Because of free will, they will not help you unless you ask. You are never alone. Everyone who walks on earth and those you cannot see are connected to you. Your immediate family are your karma and this is why we all have issues with our family. Everyone who is in the universe and on planet earth are your family.

In order to have everything you need you only need to believe that you can create it. No one has any power over you unless you believe they do. When you came here, you knew you could have whatever you wanted so lets begin learning how to do this.

Remember in the beginning of this article, I explained to you that you must release everything you think you know. Your thoughts are just as powerful as your words so be very careful not only what you say but what you think. You need to live only in your present moment as your thoughts and words create your future.You will never find the love you are searching for outside of yourself. No one will fulfill that for you. Remember when you were madly in love? Take that same feeling and direct it inwards towards yourself. You are the person you are looking for. When you love yourself 100% in every way, the magic begins. So many people tell me they love themselves but they don’t. If you do anything previously mentioned, you do not love yourself. When you love yourself unconditionally 100% you attract others that love you as much as you love yourself. This is how to also attract your best match. Relationships survive only with unconditional love. If you continue to try to control others, carry the belief their role is to make you happy, then your relationship will end. The world we live in is only about love. The energy that is here is love energy so you need to rid the negatives in order to connect and feel the love. Leave your logical mind behind and from this day forward, do only what “feels” right. Everyday is a new beginning. Every second is new. It is never too late to begin again. Begin each day speaking positives about yourself. ” I am my own creator. I always manifest whatever I need. I am powerful. I am all that I am and all that I am is love.” I am abundant. I trust and believe and know I can have anything I want. After you ask then let it go never to think about it again. Feel the love pulsating through your veins knowing this truth. Stay positive and patient knowing it will come when you are aligned with that energy. This is the energy you need to put out to create your future. This is how you create it; by already believing you have it. When a negative thought starts to enter your mind, change your thoughts. Listening to music, taking a walk, taking a nap are a few of the ways to redirect your thoughts. Relax because this is your destiny. I always manifest the best places to live in. My home always has everything I want. For instance, when I owned my own home I was short of closets and cabinets I would always say to myself, “in my next place, I must have more closets and cabinets.” After I sold my home, my next apartment I was led to was a one bedroom with 2 closets and wall to wall cabinets! Thank you God, I would say. Each place that lacked something I wanted, my next place supplied it. I never am concerned with where I am sent and where I live because I know I will receive everything I need. Some people say, “oh that is a coincidence.” NOTHING is and everything happens for a reason. Notice what you have already received and focus on that!.

In truth, every single thing you have ever wanted and thought of is waiting to be delivered to you. The problem is either you have not been aware of it or you stop it by your negative self talk. Once you put into the universe what you want then do not think of it anymore. Do not say you never receive anything because it is those words that keep you from it. This is why you don’t receive. Think about what you have already manifested in your past. Use that for your proof. See how you felt about it and how positive you were. Once you put out what you desire, believe it will come. Let it go and know that when the time is right and you are in alignment with that energy it will appear. Once it appears notice it and be thankful. Once you start manifesting, how can you not continue being positive? This in turn releases all your negative thoughts and brings you to the magical world you truly live in. When you are uplifted, you automatically uplift others. People will want to know your secret. You can test this first as I did. The first thing I asked for was to see a space ship. I have manifested a lot in my life so this I knew I could too. It took 2 months for me to be in alignment with my desire. When it finally happened I was amazed. I not only manifested a star ship once but these ships are in my presence daily. I decided to test a little more with simple requests. I love music and dancing but 99% of the time I dance with my girlfriends. So one night I put out my request. I wanted a bunch of different men to ask me to dance. I only wanted to manifest dance partners for the evening, not anyone long term. After my request, I never thought of it again. My only words were, “I can manifest anything I want. I am a powerful creator”. Five days later I went to my usual place and lo and behold, everything I asked for was manifested!. That was so much fun, that I kept asking and receiving. Another request was with a guy I met on the internet. We hadn’t met in person yet. He always called me sweetie but I prefer being called baby. So in the past I would mention that to men but they always forgot. This time I made my request to the universe knowing it would happen. The next day, while we were talking on the phone, he called me sweetie a few times then he called me baby! Wow I must admit I was shocked!. I felt so high on life. As time past I also noticed some red flags. I asked the universe if he is not right for me have him stop calling. He stopped. Now no one affects me. I never pay attention to anyone. I never worry about what others think. I am so high on life and see only magic. I don’t pay attention to anything negative and release all people who continue to be. Everything continues to manifest. I have no fear of money, diseases, other people etc. I can lose weight, stop my aging process, and heal myself with my thoughts. When you release negative people, always do it with peace and love. Forgive everyone who has wronged you. And please remember when you hear the truths that are about to unfold, release any anger or feeling of revenge. Know in your heart that we all have our own journey. Send them peace and love. Remember this takes practice because some more than others are filled with lies about life. Everyone will ascend but not all will ascend at the same time. Some of you chose not to as your soul needs more learning. Some have decided not to be apart of this and that is why more and more people will be leaving earth. It is not for you to worry about because there is no death. Some of you will be separated from your family and friends and that is okay too. Everyone will join you when the time is right so just trust. Learn patience, be positive and release anything that is negative.

More lies are continuing to surface. Hollywood plays a major role working with evil forces. The media is paid too. Do yourselves a favor and focus on yourself. Think only positive thoughts. Believe and say how you can have everything your heart desires and you will. It truly is simple. If you think it’s hard then it will be. Everything you think is created to prove to you that you what you think is correct. Release thoughts of worry and fear and create your abundance, your relationships, and anything else your heart desires. It’s always your choice. Realize that you can live in a magical world while others live in a fear based world. This year passing, 2016, adds up to the number 9. The number 9 year was about endings. This coming year, 2017, adds up to the number 1. One is about new beginnings. Keep your thoughts positive and bring yourselves back to who you are. Everything is ready. The stage is set. On your mark, get ready, start! The time is NOW!

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