Reasons Why 9 Month Old Baby Wakes Up At Night The True Meaning of Your Name Using Ancient Chaldean Numerology

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The True Meaning of Your Name Using Ancient Chaldean Numerology

We are all curious about who we truly are, why we do the things we do and what the future might hold for us, particularly in light of the coming ‘shift’ predicted for 2012 (the culmination of a 25 year preparatory cycle begun in 1987), which is probably why visits to astrologers, tarot readers and numerologists are becoming increasingly popular. While astronomers may quibble about whether or not Pluto is a planet and tarot readers may wonder if reversed cards are applicable in a reading, numerologists are not all playing with the same system. Let’s pretend that you visited one numerologist in Timbuktwo and another in Timbukthree, used the same name and birthdate and yet came away with two entirely different descriptions of your name energy and lifepath…I’m guessing you’d be more confused coming out than you were going in.

So here’s the thing. There are two systems of numerology: one is the Pythagorian, or conventional system widely used today, and the other is a secret. And yes, I am going to tell you! Around 6,000 years ago (approximately 3,000 years before the current system became popular), the mother of numerology was born in Chaldea (or Babylon), hence the name Chaldean numerology. This system comprises both the meanings or vibrations of numbers with the meanings or vibrations of letters. The numerical value of each letter is non-sequential, unlike the conventional method and is more spiritually based, which is partly demonstrated by the number 9, considered ‘sacred’ by the ancients (consider Jesus=9, Christ=9 and Jesus Christ=18/9) being withheld from application to any letter values. (This name observation is offered from a strictly objective viewpoint, much in the same vein as my telling you that John F. Kennedy was an 8). There are other differences between the two modalities: suffice it to say Chaldean numerology is the more difficult system to wrap a brain around, but is well worth the effort as the results are much more accurate, specific and meaningful.

One important fact that I want to establish beyond doubt is that the energy of both numbers and letters are scientifically recognized. We all began with numbers (2 cells joined) and letters (Y and Z chromosomes) so the idea that we project our own energies or vibrations is no more hogwash than Einstein’s theory of relativity (E=mc2) is hogwash. In fact, it was once believed that to know someone’s name was to have power over them. This is true even in today’s world…we give our names out liberally to almost anyone who asks and once our name is known, anyone can research it, a prospect made so much easier by the internet. Once this happens, whoever is researching our name does indeed have power over us…identity theft comes to mind. So, if we are willing to give the power of our names away so freely, why on earth would we not look closely into that personal power ourselves? It is ours, after all, and likely the most precious thing we have, though this is often not realized until ownership is held in potential question. There is so much more to a name than is commonly recognized and that is what Chaldean numerology is all about: revealing the truth about the power in your name and offering tools with which to utilize that power.

Here is a quick reading any of you can perform on yourselves. Add your month of birth to your day of birth like this: I was born on March 10th, so my birthpath would be calculated by figuring the month of birth (03) and the day (10) and adding them together (13). Simply reduce the double digit number you come up with (4 for me) and read the following short story, and when you get to your number, see how it relates to your own life. Your number will indicate the basic path you are here to follow, or learn how to incorperate into your path.

Once upon a time, a caveman wakes up in the midst of the forest. He has a bump on his head and hasn’t a clue who he is. All he knows is that he is alone. By himself. The only one (1). And that he is hungry and cold. He has no thoughts of seeking help for, as far as he knows, there are no others. He has no memory and therefore no point of reference. So, he follows his (natural)instinct to surviveand collects some berries to eat and some large, leafy branches which he uses to construct a temporary shelter of sorts. Somewhere in the back of his mind is the notion that banging two stones together over a loose pile of twigs and brush will bring heat. He flounders and hisses over his attempts for a few minutes, but perseveres until he achieves his goal. As he sits before the warmth of the fire and eats more berries, he pats the large stick at his side, a comfort to him in case he needs to protect himself from unwelcome intruders. He feels strong, in control and is busy making plans for the next day. He intends to investigate his surroundings, collect more food, track one of those creatures whose eyes he sees reflected by the firelight and perhaps fashion himself a coat…but suddenly, his attention is diverted by a new presence he senses in the darkness beyond his circle of fire and he rises to his feet. He is unprepared for company and does not know how to react.

There is another like him standing just beyond the circle. This one has longer hair than he does, which is quite amazing, but the round globes on its chest amaze him even more. Before long, he has coaxed this creature from the darkness into the light and has settled (her) next to him at the fire. Now he is no longer alone: now there are two (2).In the days that follow, they grow to care for one another. Each nurtures the other and over time, they becomes inseparable. She seems especially happy: she tidies around the camp and helps to prepare the food he goes out to collect. She seems to like to be closeto him; touch him and hug him. He feels peaceful with her company and enjoys the gentleness of her voice, her eyes and her touch. He feels at home and safe with her there and they express their mutual joy together in the dark of night in the oldest dance in history. It is almost as though they have each searched for the other their entire lives.

A few months later, they are surprised and amazed when almost like magic, a miniature replica of themselves pops out from her tummy. (They had wondered why she’d gotten so fat!…These are cavepeople, remember.) Their euphoria quickly wears off, however, when they realize the exhausting work involved in caring for this little bundle of joy. With the birth, the two of them have now become three (3)and the constant activity centers around the child, a little version of the woman, who needs to be fed, changed, entertained, burped and comforted in an endless, ongoing loop. Their only respite is when the child sleeps. And that seems to come in 20 minute intervals. This is a brand new experiencefor both of them and their brains are never still…there is so much to think about and do. They each learn to allow the other time to be still and quiet: to rest and reflect…this becomes a necessity or they both will burn out.

A short time later, by mutual decision, they begin to clear a space in the woods next to a large rock. Using strong branches as spines, they begin to design a hut, or home, using the rock and three strong lengths of wood buried deep in foundational holes as the four (4) corners of the base. After bracing a series of smaller pieces of wood against this base, they then cover the entire structure with large leafs, moss and branches. This process takes much time and effort, but they are satisfied with the results, for they had realized that they needed a proper, safer place in which to live and raise their child and had understood that this was their duty to provide. Now the family will become more grounded and a routine can be established. Each parent assumes duties and chores and takes personal responsibility to ensure that the basic elements of existence are maintained.

Now we will fast forward a few years and focus on the child, who is now fourteen (14/5), a teenager. Both parents notice that their child seems to be spending more time away from the home (which has been remodeled and expanded, by the way) than in it, which is actually true. What the parents don’t know is that the teen has been exploring the area, visiting with neighbouring communities (yes, the parents did discover others like them and became part of a scattered community) and has even kissed a caveboy. Her friends (5 of them!) have provided her with funny stuff to smoke and liquid to drink, both of which have affected her body and mind in different ways. She finds herself curious about everything and her senses seem to have heightened: she is responsive to anything that promises excitement and adventure. She is bored with home and routine and seeks change, freedom and challenges. She needs to experience many different situations and circumstances before she will understand the need for balance in her life.

Fast forward again, this time, only a few months. We are still focussed on the teen, who has been ‘running wild’ and has, indeed, experienced all manner of things, some good and some not so good. She has noticed lately that she is tired of it all and that she feels lonely, despite the people she surrounds herself with. When she turns 15 (6), she realizes, in the midst of a party given in her honor and far from her home, that her heart feels empty and hungry at the same time. She longs for nurturing, unconditional acceptance, hugs and love and knows there is only one place and two people who can fulfill her longing. She leaves the party and heads for home, where she is received with smiles and joy and genuine love. She feels at peace for the first time in a long while. Here she is truly loved and she knows it and values it in a brand new way. Her family is her strength.

In the aftermath of the troubled teen’s adventures, parents and child settle into a quiet, more thoughtful phase. Although the teen is young and still faces much of life’s lessons, her parents have been through many situations and have been thrown many curve balls. They are growing older and are spending more time in their heads, thinking about all that has been and all that is yet to be…including their passage from this life. In a natural progression, their thoughts turn to contemplation of spirit: of the ‘other side’, of the possible existence of something more to this life than they can see. They acknowledge the the odd sense of uneasiness that each has experienced on various occasions (like the time they stayed home instead of venturing on a planned picnic and a massive storm burst and flooded the surrounding lands) and wonder at its source. On the 7th day of each week, they sit on the log bench they have constructed and contemplate and ruminate. They are both logical thinkers, but find themselves opening to the mystical, metaphysical and unseen. New ideas are thought and spoken and exchanged and the parents understand that they must be open to a new way of thinking.

After this period of deep thinking, the parents feel a new connection that goes beyond that of the material earth plane. Each sees a balance in their lives which was absent until now and endeavours to improve themselves and assist others. It is as though they have undergone a tranformation of sorts which has resulted in the birth of personal power. They feel more in control of their lives and able to focus and accomplish more than they ever thought possible. They feel compassion for the plights of others and begin to help their neighbours and community in areas of need, however, they do so with no expectation of reward. As a result, their own lives improve: they benefit both materially and emotionally in ways neither had expected. Within their community, a distinct respect grows for the family and thereby creates a powerful authority and influence that they are aware of but are careful never to abuse. The compassion they have learned to feel is the required element in controlling the element of power assigned to the phase of the 8.

And now, we reach the conclusion of the normal number scale. The parents are now near the end of their earthly manifestations and are gentle, kind, thoughtful and genuine in their approach to all humanity and earthly creatures. They have learned the lessons set before them and have absorbed knowledge that only years of experience can afford. They have looked inside themselves and are at peace with what they have found. They honor the voice of ‘intuition’ and spend time creatively and with good intent. (Their daughter has long since married and moved away, busy on her own lifepath.) They find joy in allowing their imagination free reign and often pick up on the subtle energies of others and gladly share their love and support when appropriate to do so. They are preparing for and even anticipating their own departure from this ‘reality’…for deep in their souls, they know they are but returning ‘home’. As such, these energies are true 9s…sympathetic, humble, wise and sincere. In the ultimate lesson, they have understood that everything happens for a reason, that all reasons are part of the lesson and that this ‘reality’ is really a classroom – a place of learning, releasing and loving: first, the self, and then, naturally, others.

If you happen to hit an 11, 22 or 33…well, consider yourself a Master! Double digits hold a higher vibration than single digits, or, in other words, double numbers hold double power. If the regular number scale of 1 through 9 can be looked at as grammar and high school, then Master numbers can be regarded as the equivalent to college or university…to put it simply, a Master number presents an opportunity for ‘higher learning’. The Master Intuitive (11) represents a higher vibration of the original force (1), which translates into the ability to tap into the intuition and imagination in an incredibley creative and profound way. Number 22, the Master Architect or Builder, is capable of tapping into the imagination and creativity of the 11 as well, but can take it to the next level: physical manifestation here in this Earth plane. The Master number 33 is the higher vibration of love and self-sacrifice and would likely be found in a position of administering to those in need, to the detriment of their own personal lives. Master Healer number 44 administers as well, although the reach of the 44 is of a global nature which can sometimes offer major healing potential to humanity itself.

The information presented herein is but the surface of the treasure chest, which, of course, is yours to find. And you need look no further than your very own name. Check out The Reading Room 101 online for more information and additional subjects of note.

Heather A. Lagan

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