What Generalization Would Be Said Of The 16 To 19-Year-Olds Why Are the Paula Whites of the Church Under Attack?

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Why Are the Paula Whites of the Church Under Attack?

Long live women! They have given birth to all men that have ever lived. But by the way men treat them – even in the church – you wouldn’t know it!

Women make up one-half of the world’s population (and two-thirds of the church) and yet possess only 1% of the world’s wealth. They are the most neglected, rejected, accused and abused people on the face of the earth. The litany of crimes and atrocities committed against women is appalling and sometimes unspeakable.

A former European leader is quoted as saying: “Women are good to have fun with, but in politics I prefer not to see women. Instead of getting all worked up, they should stay as they are – like flowers to pick the petals off of.”

Satan’s Attack against God’s Work Force

This put-down of our anointed women started at the beginning of history, as we shall see. Genesis 3:15 is a prophecy especially for the end time. In many churches, “the women of the church” is a term that implies little old ladies socializing by sipping tea together or having covered udish suppers. That’s not what God meant at all. God said there would be hostility between Satan and women. More women are gifted and anointed as intercessors and prayer warriors against Satan’s schemes than men. Women have discernment God did not put in men.

We know one truism: women hate snakes! No coincidence. This more often true than not generalization is a physical shadow of a spiritual truth. When it comes to that serpent Satan, women go on the warpath! in this end time, Jess in women will be instrumental in crushing the head of that snake Satan. While Satan’s “bruising” of the heel of Jesus and His followers applies to both men and women, it is especially the women who have had their feet tripped up, a picture of betrayal. Satan has used men to reject the special “anointings” of women and thus betray them.

Since the beginning, therefore, Satan has been especially hostile to women – at enmity with them. That’s because he knows they are the ones that are principally going to crush his slimy little head.

The Stupid Macho Mentality and Satan’s Not-so-stupid Counterfeit

Since Satan knows his time is alarmingly short (Rev. 12:12), he is focusing many of his big guns of rejection and betrayal on women. They scare him! And since Satan loves to use the spirit of stupidity, he uses the “mucho stupido” macho nonsense to put down women. The word “estupido’ in Spanish is an extremely strong word, and I was tempted to use it here since the macho mentality is so stupid and harmful. I’ll simply let you add the “e” before “stupido” if you feel led. Men have definitely led women down a path of destruction. The John Wayne mindset has caused women’s role to wane in this time of the end. Yet God intended just the opposite. He wants the women to rise!

Please understand. The feminist movement is a perversion of what God wanted. Satan loves to confuse the issue. Women were not called to rise up in pride and crush the man. They were called to rise up and crush the head of the serpent Satan.

God also called many women to preach the gospel. Guess who Jesus (as well as an angel) first told to go preach the good news? Women! (Matthew 28:7 and John 20:17). Women are called to be preachers of the gospel. It’s the gospel truth!

That gospel truth is not good news, however, to Satan or to the men he uses to suppress women. Satan has perverted the truth by creating an unholy women’s liberation movement. By setting women free from rejection, God wants to liberate women His way.

God has a plan for women. Satan also has a plan to stop God’s plan. God, however, is always ahead of Satan, and He has foreseen Satan’s attack on women and has a plan to redeem all that Satan has done. Those women who heed this teaching on rejection can be the first women to wise up and rise up to do the important Kingdom work God has called them to do in this exciting time at the close of man’s (and Satan’s) reign on earth.

While Satan knows his time is short and is on the offensive, the Christian “virgins” are asleep at the Satan switch. The enemy has used spineless but proud religious men to silence the best warriors. And most Christians don’t believe we even have to do battle with Satan. Just leave him on his side of the road and you’ll be okay. Don’t bug him and he won’t bug you.

Most believers have no inkling of Satan’s plan. His goal is to stop the establishment of the Kingdom of God and block Jesus’ return. He wants to stop the preaching of the gospel of the Kingdom and the work force that God has called to do the Kingdom work.

The sad truth is that would-be Christian warriors don’t know their enemy. Maybe they haven’t watched enough war movies. Or maybe they think only John Wayne in “The Longest Day” is the only one capable of knowing the enemy. But knowing your enemy is warfare 101! “Leave the devil alone, and he’ll leave you alone” is a phrase that is all too common. It reveals, however, a person who couldn’t spot Satan if he showed up fiery red holding a pitchfork! If that is your maxim, the devil has you exactly where he wants you – under his feet. And while it may be true that he won’t have to fight you much at all, you are easy prey and he has you in his net.

The truth is, Satan is a toothless lion. But most Christians let this lowly lion gum them to death!

Most believers are helping Satan do his job, rather than doing the job God gave them to further His Kingdom and thus stop Satan’s plans.

In the meantime, and it is definitely a mean time Satan is giving defenseless Christians, the devil has a carefully orchestrated plan.

Satan’s Five-Point Plan of Attack

His first of five lines of attack is his general attack against God’s Kingdom work force, called to publish the gospel of the Kingdom of God and disciple new believers. Satan launches this general attack because he figures he can succeed if he can put down the majority of the church. While he may be stupid in thinking he can win in a fight with God, he is definitely not a dummy when it comes to his clever schemes. He is aware of a statistic of which you may not be aware.

Guess who composes the majority – two-thirds – of the church worldwide? Women! If he can stop their anointing, he has stopped most of the church. If all women stop being prayer warriors, intercessors, evangelists, teachers, pastors, prophets or apostles, what would we have? We would have a weak, limp, lazy, distracted church too preoccupied with non-Kingdom affairs to do the work.

What’s more, at a time when the fields are ripe for the most bountiful harvest ever, we would be without the best harvesters – women! Physical things are often types of spiritual entities, and we see in the Hebrew Scriptures an interesting phenomenon. The first people sent into the harvest were not men. They were women!

Wonder why. The women had a gift for discerning the useless tares from the real thing. The harvest could not go forward until the women were sent into the fields. They were the lead harvesters! They pulled out the weeds and the tares.

You husbands know what I mean. Your wife has this “feeling” about somebody that you think is AOK. Something is not right. She senses it. My wife saw trouble in a lady in a few seconds on the phone. This lady ended up causing me one of the greatest setbacks in my ministry. If I had only listened to the discerner God had given me at the time!

In general, God has given women special discernment, often called a woman’s intuition. That’s one reason they make the best “watchmen on the walls.” They protect the church from danger. Intercessors and prayer warriors par excellence, they can also be some of the best teachers. Tamara Winslow of Colorado Springs is a prime example. Joyce Meyer is a teaching evangelist with a knack for saying things only a women who has been through the fire can say. Paula White is another ball of fire whose words and teachings hit hard and leave you wondering, “Why couldn’t I think of that?”

Lisa Bevere is a stalwart defender of the daughters of God and encourages them to take their place. The word God gave her recently, which I read in her book, Fight Like a Girl, inspired me and should inspire the women of the church. I quote it here from page 34: “Begin to call forth the daughters; cry out for them now. Call the daughters to wage the wars only they can win, and to fight the battles as only my daughters can, because truly the enemy fears this revelation more than he fears any woman who fights like a man.”

How many potential Lisa Beveres have there been who have been so discouraged by the enemy’s attacks through people that they have given up? They had the fight knocked out of them. They no longer wanted to fight like a man or even like a girl – they didn’t want to fight at all. How many Paula Whites have been blackened by gossip and criticism from self-righteous hypocrites?

On a positive note, what a miracle that Billy Graham’s daughter and preacher Anne could survive the pious piranhas of male religiosity that have darkened her anointed waters! It takes courage to wander out in such dangerous waters. These courageous women are like spiritual Nemos who get lost in shark-infested waters.

Whether Sadducee sharks or Pharisee piranhas, these predators have almost invariably a Mister in front of their names, often prefaced by pompous titles and followed by seminary degrees that impress like flowers that brighten the dead atmosphere of cemeteries. But God is not impressed, neither with their titles nor with their attitudes. Even so-called Spirit-filled men have been the instruments of Satan to despise the anointing and potential of the gender that gave us all birth, and without whom the church would be dead.

Mind you, these captains of churchianity and religiosity don’t do the work themselves, but they specialize in stopping women from doing it. While misquoting and twisting verses that seem to justify their murderous actions, they deliberately fail to see the Scriptures that call on women to do the work.

Satan’s plan is to get men to see women as temple prostitutes rather than as able and gifted coworkers. The devil has so saturated our society with sex worship that women are treated as objects of sexual desire, their gifts, talents and capabilities summarily dismissed.

While we have been discussing Satan’s first line of attack in this end time, the general attack against God’s work force, we have accented the women, since they are two-thirds of the entire work force. We shall deal with the attack specifically against them a little later, but now we focus on Satan’s second line of attack. This second attack targets men and their ministries.

Second Attack: Backlash against the “Mucho Stupido” Macho Pride

When men allow Satan to train them not to accept women in their ministries, it has the effect of stopping these same men from working in their own ministries. Is it possible to fight God and still love and obey Him and teach others how much God loves them? The answer is no.

The “Me Tarzan, you Jane,” me first, selfish male mentality may fit in some jungles, but it doesn’t fit in the church of God. The men of the church should have thanked their female counterparts with a hearty “muchisimas gracias” for the blessing they are to the entire ministry of the church. Instead, the “mucho macho” male church leadership (composed ironically of a surprising number of effeminate and/or homosexual members) only thanks the women for staying in their place. While exceptions do exist, Satan’s general plan has been to put down women through men.

These pastors and theologians are living and teaching a lie straight from the father of lies, that serpent Satan whose head the women were principally called to crush. That makes Satan the father of those who teach the damnable lie that women are not worthy to minister in the church in important ways. Deceived into thinking they are upholding the Word of God by demeaning women, they are parroting the words of their parent, the father of lies. That’s exactly what Jesus told the exclusively male religious hierarchy of his day.

Pride and stupidity will always want to stop a man from allowing women to do the work God called them to do. The macho mentality prevents them from seeing or acknowledging the God-given anointing of a woman.

Ignorance and the self-delusion of philosophers have sold the idea that women are inferior, subhuman and only good for satisfying man’s sexual desire. Movies and television commercials have followed through on that theme to a degree similar to the hedonistic days of Noah. And its getting worse and worse. Where will it end?

An abominable false teaching exists that says a woman can lead until a man comes on the scene. They say a woman must be “covered” by a man. Not so. While the Bible shows that a husband is to be a covering for his wife, nowhere does God say that a man must be a covering for a woman. The anointing of God is sufficient to override Satan’s attacks. Moreover, God has blessed a woman with special discernment, in most cases more than a man. Not only do men usually not see the problems a woman may see in the church, but they also aren’t bothered enough by some problems to see the need to remedy the situation. Women are detail-oriented and little problems can be irritants they absolutely must face and resolve.

Bullet Number Three: A Woman-Only Weapon

Satan’s third type of attack is directed solely to women. It began after sin entered the Garden of Eden. God prophesied that Satan would be hostile to women and that women would be at enmity with Satan (Gen. 3:15). They would be his biggest enemies. Satan knows this and has prepared his attack against women with this in mind. While Satan’s greatest hostility against women has been and will be shown in this end time, the opposite is also true: women are prophesied to rise up at the end and be a major factor in Satan’s defeat.

Satan has trained women to see themselves in a negative way, and he has trained society and the men in society to see women in a negative light. The stronger the Christian heritage of a nation, the better its women are treated. We have seen some flagrant examples of the rejection and mistreatment of women in the non-Christian world. Even in the “Christian” world, although less appalling, men treat women unfairly. They often profess their “love” for women and after fathering a child with these women, they reject them by abandoning them and leaving these single mothers to bring up the children all alone.

We have seen women treated unfairly throughout history – even Biblical history! And many blame it on God. They think God is anti-woman. Nothing could be further from the truth. This misconception is, however, a major stumbling block for some women and a source of further feelings of rejection. Consequently, before we examine attack number four, let’s discuss the “raw deal” women received in Biblical history.

Why Did Biblical Women Get Such a Raw Deal?

Many people, men and women alike, are turned off when they read the “Old Testament.” They see a stern Father God who seems cruel and mean. Women especially seem to get a raw deal from this harsh God, since He allows men to mistreat women and treat them as chattel in a man’s world

Is this picture true? First, as we proved in a previous book, the supposedly harsh God of the Hebrew Scriptures was none other than the same Jesus who came to die for men and women to make possible the New Covenant. He was the Word who became flesh (John 1:1-18), the Rock that followed Israel (I Cor. 10:4), the Eternal One (Yahweh or Yehovah) for whom John the Baptist paved the way (Isa. 40:3; John 1:23). Jesus plainly said no one had ever seen the form of the Father (John 1:18; 5:37), yet men did indeed see the God who called Himself Yehovah — both in human form and in His glorified form from the back (Ex. 3:1-6; 33:18-23; Gen. 18:1-3). So this God who dealt with men in olden times could not have been the Father.

Jesus is the same forever (Heb. 13:8), and like the Father, He is Love. He is such a loving God that He has chosen not to force people to do His perfect will. He lets men choose and learn from the consequences of their choices (Deut. 30:19). Men and women make choices that have consequences for generations. Adam and Eve both sinned and both men and women had to face the results thereafter.

God spelled out the penalty Eve’s descendants were going to pay. Unlike the loving, Spirit-filled husband who was to picture Jesus in loving, serving and even when appropriate submitting to his wife by putting her first, husbands were to rule over their wives in a domineering way (Gen. 3:16). Love would not flow.

In fact, a whole culture would later take shape that would not be God’s perfect model. You can read the story in I Kings 8. Had God’s will been done for Israel, He would have ruled over the nation directly, without a king between Him and the people. The patriarchal culture Satan had put in place (followed even by Abraham) that allowed for multiple wives would have been phased out over time. But the people chose their way. They chose a king with the all the trappings of kingship, including many wives for the king.

To change the whole system, God (Jesus) would have been obligated to go against the free will choice the people had made. David had neither the desire nor the clout to change the system. In his day, the French principle of noblesse oblige obligated kings to offer their daughters (plural) in marriage to foreign kings with whom they made treaties.

Jesus did not come to replace Satan as “god of this world” (II Cor. 4:4). He was limited by the free choice of Adam and subsequent human choices. While God has unlimited power, He has put limits on His power.

Solomon, unopposed and revered for His wisdom, would have been able to change the system of multiple marriages, but he was more interested in experimenting with more and more women (and men!) than seeking God’s perfect will. So why do we blame God? Let’s blame Satan and the people who made wrong choices.

God did not place His stamp of approval on everything in the history of Israel. We are to learn from the bad examples as well as the good ones (I Cor. 10:1-11).

It’s not that God doesn’t have a plan to make positive changes. He does have a plan. He sees the end from the beginning, and He does things in His timing.

Jesus turned heads because of the way He treated women. It wasn’t because, as some claim, He was having sex with Mary Magdalene and even marrying Mary. It was because He bucked the male-dominated establishment of His day and began to lift women up to the place of respect and power they deserved.

Women like Oprah opened up a new chapter of respect for women in our modern era. And women like Joyce Meyer, Paula White, Anne Graham Lotz, Lisa Bevere and many others have done likewise in the spiritual realm. But this is only the beginning. Our Father Love is raising up many more daughters to follow Jesus, the Captain of the Hosts, into the end time battle. These lovely ladies are going to make it very ugly for Satan. And he knows it.

The abuser who caused women to be used like property in a man’s world is going to find himself under the feet of the once-abused women. Ha! Ha! Ha! Go ahead and join me! It’s okay, even recommended, to laugh at Satan! These courageous women will not stand for the abuse any more. They refuse to be treated as second-class citizens, as notches in a man’s boastful belt, as “babes” that are only objects of men’s sexual desires. Lisa Bevere is right in exhorting women to live up to the title of her book: Fight Like A Girl. They will use the feminine savvy and discernment God miraculously gave them when He made the prophecy of Genesis 3:15.

Jesus never gives someone a mission without equipping them for that mission. He has made women to be the prime defeaters of Satan in this end time. If they tried to fight like men, they would fail. They will summon all the uniqueness God put into woman to give Satan the toughest time he has ever had. And he’ll end up being sorry he ever gave women a raw deal and had them blame God for it.

Jesus never approved of multiple wives and concubines. He never approved of the abuse of women in ancient times. As with divorce, He made it clear that what He inspired Moses to permit under the Old Covenant was because of, pointing to the men of that time, “your hardness of heart … but from the beginning it has not been this way” (Mat. 19:8).

Jesus did not create 1000 wives for Adam, so each could take a number and sleep with him once every three years. From the beginning, Eve did not feel like a number. Like the Holy Spirit is to us, she was a helper to Adam, called together with him to the grace of life.

Adam and Eve’s rebellion had lasting consequences for all mankind. Adam fell under the curse of rejection and subsequently rejected Eve. Men rejected women and treated them cruelly and without respect for their character or their womanhood. Women in turn rejected men as proud buffoons who think only about sex and hurting women.

God’s women will be different. They will break off the curse of rejection and forgive the men who have hurt and abused them. They will not, however, allow men, even their husbands, to hold them back from what God has called them to do in this exciting time of the end. The end of Satan is coming soon, and women, you are more important than men in his demise. God has especially equipped you to crush the head of the serpent. Don’t let any men stand in your way!

Attack Number Four: Low Blow at a High Target

The fourth attack Satan mounts against God’s work force is actually an attack against the character of God. When Christianity perpetuates the message of women’s inferiority and encourages their rejection and abuse, the church sends out a false message worldwide: God is unjust and He is not a God of Love. When male church leaders put down the women and do not allow them to exercise their anointing, they grieve the women. They also grieve the Holy Spirit. The message is clear: God did not make women in His likeness (Gen. 1:27) and God’s judgments are faulty. So who can trust God’s Word? Who can believe what He says?

Satan’s Favorite Number Five: Attack against the Image of God

The fifth attack of Satan against God’s Kingdom force is the attack against the image of God. It is one of Satan’s favorite ploys. He knows that male and female have been created together in the image and likeness of God. Satan’s goal is to deny women equal rights in Jesus and reject their anointing. In so doing, Satan is causing male Christians to attack God’s family plan, destroy marriages and allow conflict to reign instead of peace, joy and love.

Male Christians for the most part have rejected the anointing of Jesus in the women of the church. This rejection allows Satan to drive a wedge between men and women. And while books are written to try to reconcile the two, even some of those books put them on different “planets” – men from Mars and women from Venus. Satan’s plan is divide men and women so they cannot accomplish the work of the Kingdom.

This rejection of women allows Satan to promote homosexuality, lesbianism and all the works of the flesh. He cuts wounds that cannot heal without Jesus. And the tragedy is that those wounds encourage these rejected ones to stay away from Jesus.

When Jesus established male and female He wanted us to cherish and protect the differences so that love could flow. When the flow of true love is stopped because of rejection, mankind and womankind are unable to accept their true identity in Jesus. They thus deny that they are created in the image of God. We men cannot reject a woman’s anointing without destroying who we are in Jesus. Bereft of identity, we then walk as hypocrites.

This vicious attack of rejection against women has hurt the church deeply and has set us back from doing the work. The result is that both the men and the women in God’s work force have been “destroyed for lack of knowledge,” and the effectiveness of the gospel work has also been hindered.

Needed: Ruths and Esthers to Thwart Satan’s Ruthless Attack

A number of excellent books are available that show Biblically the importance of validating women in their anointing. I will only touch on a few highlights in the Word of God to show how special our sisters in Jesus are to Him and should be to us.

To be sure, the lie that the “Old Testament” is virtually useless does keep many from understanding the importance of women in ministry. The Hebrew Scriptures are full of mighty women of God, even some who led men. Deborah and Miriam (Micah 6:4) are only two examples. And no contradiction exists between the two testaments. Psalm 68:11 says that Jesus “gives the command; the women who proclaim the good tidings are a great host.” The One who is the same always (Heb. 13:8) is the One who told women to be the first evangelists, commanding them to proclaim the good tidings of His resurrection – and He specifically instructed them to tell the men (“my brethren” — John 20:17).

Jesus honored and respected women and their anointing. His attitude was surprising and unknown in his culture and time. Paul, on the other hand, makes relative statements based on the culture of his time that male Bible teachers take as absolutes. If Paul’s instruction for women to keep silent and not teach men (I Tim. 2:12) were an absolute command transcending the cultural and historical context, why was it okay for Priscilla to teach Apollos (Acts 18:26) and for a lady named Junias to be “outstanding among the apostles” (Rom. 16:7). Apostles work in all aspects of the five-fold ministry, and that includes teaching.

If the “silent treatment” Paul gave as a solution for women (I Cor. 14:34) were an absolute, why would the same Paul give guidelines for women who pray and even prophesy publicly in church (I Cor. 11:5)? Loud-mouthed, brazen prostitutes were the only women who spoke out in public at the time in Corinth. It was a cultural thing – not a “thus saith the Eternal” command for all time!

Anointed women of God, heirs with men of the grace of eternal life and co-heirs with Jesus, don’t let this rejection get you down. Deal with it by the blood of Jesus in communion. Forgive the men. Then start walking in your anointing.

Rise up, women of God! The time is short and the fields are ripe for harvest. It’s time. Your time has come. We need you. We cannot do the job without you. We love you and cherish you. And even if some men, especially leaders, don’t appreciate you, please know that our Father of Love does value you highly. Jesus showed on the earth during His ministry how high He holds you in esteem.

As the “Sabbath Prayer” song says in Fiddler on the Roof, “May you be like Ruth and like Esther. May you be deserving of praise. May you come to be in Israel [among the believers] a shining name…Strengthen them, [Jesus], and keep them from the stranger’s ways [of rejection]…”

The men may want you to fiddle in the church basement and be invisible, like the church mice. God wants you to fiddle on the “roof” for all to see and hear, shining as lights and doing what God called you to do. Whatever God anointed you to do, whether it is highly visible or not, it is vitally important to God and to many more of us men in ministry. We cheer you on and rejoice in what God will do through you!

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