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The Right Probiotic Supplement for People Age 50 and Older

Probiotics are the friendly bacteria that play such an important role in the proper functioning of our body throughout our life. They help us prevent and treat many diseases, illnesses and conditions. Most of all, they help us restore or relieve the health of our digestive system and digestive tract. Probiotics prevent allergies when it comes to babies. They also stimulate the defense of the immune system in preschool and school children. These friendly bacteria also improve the function of the digestive system in adulthood. They give us help to fight infections. Probiotics maintain the intestinal microflora balance when we are forced to follow treatment with antibiotics. All these benefits are scientifically proven, thus probiotics are some of the most studied therapeutic solutions today.

Continue learning how probiotics work for the whole family: from kids to grandparents and more!

As adults, we sometimes live busy and impossible lives. All the things we do, all the factors that affect our health, each play an important role in our overall well-being. As we age, there are many changes in our bodies. Our organ health begins to decline, we are more prone to certain diseases and medical conditions, we are more likely to suffer from high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and diabetes, so we are more likely to receive medical prescriptions. for all these diseases. In fact, our immune system will not be in the same top shape as we get older as it was when we were younger. The digestive system begins to work poorly, due to which we will have an even more difficult time when it comes to swallowing pills and certain foods, especially dairy products. And of course, we become even less adventurous when it comes to following strict diets and exercising.

All these facts make us more vulnerable to health problems, and therefore, a safer way to improve all this would be if we start taking probiotics to relieve our body proper function. Probiotics, whether natural or supplements, have proven to be a reliable source of health, especially when it comes to people 50 or older. Since their health is prone to decline, they should be the ones in the first row when it comes to taking and choosing the right kind of probiotics. Why is it important for people 50 and older to know how to choose the right probiotic supplements for them? Well, mostly because all the studies done on probiotics point to the fact that the perfect probiotic for a 10-year-old, let’s say, or a 20-year-old young adult, will not have the same beneficial results in someone 50 or older. That is, in addition to the fact that each strain or type of probiotic consumed treats a completely different type of disease.

So, considering that with all the changes our bodies go through over the years, especially when we’re 50 and over, the composition and population of the probiotic bacteria that live in our digestive tract can also change. Some of the probiotic and beneficial bacteria that live inside our bodies and help us – I don’t know, for example to repel the invading and harmful bacteria or other microorganisms that line the walls of the large intestine – begin to decline with age. , which is a natural course of events.

Before rushing into looking at the probiotic supplements that would be ideal for anyone aged 50 or over, it is important to know a little more about how probiotic supplements work when they are present in an adult’s body.

Here are some of the benefits that a probiotic supplement can have on an adult:

Improvement of the general digestive process / Probiotics have an action known to improve digestion. Stress, unhealthy diet, smoking, antibiotic treatments cause intestinal flora imbalance. This has a major impact on health, leading to: repeated infections, digestive disorders (diarrhea, constipation, nausea, vomiting), fatigue and unexplained depression. What is the solution? Administering a supplement based on probiotics, prebiotics and vitamin C, a formula that acts synergistically and restores well-being.

In the elderly, probiotics can become an ally against slow intestinal transit. We know that with age, the bowel tends to become sluggish and transit disorders are common. In these cases, probiotics, especially Bifidobacteria, act in the colon, helping to speed up the slow transit. Here are some essential rules when it comes to choosing a probiotic effectively and efficiently:

The probiotics and prebiotics can be administered together in the form of symbiotic food additives. To ensure that you choose an effective probiotic product, you should consider the following guidelines:

– Choose a product containing enough probiotics to be effective. For example, the probiotics of the Rosell Institute have proven to administer daily in a concentration of 3 billion live bacteria, lyophilized / 100 mg.

-Be careful that contained bacteria are kept safe and stay alive. The lyophilization process provides them with the ability of probiotics to survive a long time and a higher shelf life. Rosell Institute has developed several technologies to increase the shelf life of its probiotic strains for 18 to 24 months.

-To defend your seasonal infections, follow a course of probiotics and prebiotics for a month. One bag with probiotics and prebiotics taken every morning before breakfast is a real shield against viral diseases, otitis media or gastrointestinal infections.

Now that we know more about the action of probiotics in the human adult body, it’s time to dig a little deeper into probiotic supplements made especially for seniors, age 50 and over. As we know so well, the elderly need special attention with their food and medicine, especially with the lifestyle they lead, because stress and smoking and other such factors tend to have a say in aging.

What strains should a probiotic supplement have for someone 50 or older?

The health of a person 50 years of age or older is a sensitive and delicate aspect, and anyone who is in this age category should be very careful when choosing a probiotic supplement that can do more than just prevent bloating, gas, constipation or diarrhea. . The strain or strains of their probiotic supplement must do a better job than just this and soothe the digestive complaints of its patients.

There is a strain of the category Bifidobacterium, called B. lactis BI-04, that can not only treat the most common digestive problems of the elderly, but also treats other unique problems that belong exclusively to those in this age category of 50 years. years old There are some studies that have shown that this particular strain can help – in a specific way – prevent the toxic effects of a gluten component called wheat gliadin. This component seems to be the source of many problems for many people.

Another beneficial probiotic strain for people age 50 or older is the strain called B. longum BB-536. This one showed spectacular results in strengthening the immune function in the elderly, its duration was more than 20 weeks, even after the people stopped taking their supplement. Isn’t this just amazing?

There is also another probiotic strain that a perfect supplement for anyone 50 or older should have. The name of the strain is B. babies, and tests have shown that it can help reduce inflammation, which is linked to everything that happens in our bodies – from pain and cardiovascular diseases to even cancer. Since inflammation has become a specific sign of the aging process, we see no particular reason why it should not be treated or prevented with the help of a probiotic supplement that can be taken daily. So, if you’re 50 or older and looking for a “magic cure” that can help you fight whatever’s wrong with your body, there’s no reason for you not to treat or prevent the health conditions you have. experimenting with some age-appropriate probiotic supplement that is very well designed.

What do you need to know about the correct use of the right probiotic supplement for someone 50 or older?

As you already know, probiotics come in two main forms: they can either come from the foods you eat, such as yogurt, juices, milk, soy drinks, or as dietary supplements, such as powders, tablets or capsules. Each product may contain several different types of microorganisms such as yeasts and/or bacteria. Mostly, probiotics have been used to treat intestinal problems – irritable bowel syndrome or diarrhea – urinary tract infections, lactose intolerance, vaginal yeast infections or eczema.

If you are an adult 50+, you should use probiotics with utmost care. First, follow all the instructions on the product package. Read the label instructions to find out how many doses you are allowed to take, how it should be consumed – swallowed whole, chewed, sprinkled on food and so on, or even mixed with liquids. Be careful if the product has live bacteria not to take it when you are on antibiotics, because antibiotics can prevent these products from working properly, as they should. Or at least take them with 2 out of 3 hours before or after you take the antibiotics. There should be some directions for you to use.

Also, if you have decided to consume the product for diarrhea caused by antibiotics, do not take it if you experience a high fever for more than 2 days.

Be careful with the side effects

Like any other medical product out there, you should expect to encounter some side effects. Mostly, they can be stomach gas or bloating. If they persist, contact your doctor immediately. Also, fever, chills, persistent cough, allergic reactions to the product, such as itching or swelling, rash or dizziness, problems when you breathe, they can also be side effects.

If you should be healthier just by eating lots of fruits and vegetables, then you wouldn’t need too much information about probiotics, but since this is not entirely possible, it is best to know that there are always some alternative ways. so that you can improve your health. Here is a list of supplements and probiotics you can take if you are 50 years old. Or 60. Or 70.

When you’re in your 50s, it’s important that you continue with these supplements, vitamins, and probiotics:

Calcium and vitamin D. These products help a lot when it comes to bone loss, or the strength in your bones that decreases during your 50s, especially if you are a woman and you have to deal with menopause in your life. Here are some dosage examples for your guide: it is recommended that you consume almost 600 international units of vitamin D and 1,200 milligrams of calcium for women, 1,000 milligrams of calcium for men. Be sure to split these doses into two daily doses.

If you are looking for the best foods that have probiotic sources, you should definitely try: beef liver, mackerel, tuna, egg yolk, cheese, because they are all rich in vitamin D. For your calcium level, eat cheese, milk. , figs and yogurt.

Omega-3 fatty acids maintain regular heartbeats, reduce the plaque that builds up in the arteries, keep blood sugar on track and prevent inflammation. Consume 1,000 milligrams of EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids daily. You can extract the omega-3 acids from linseed oil, walnuts, edamame and salmon.

When it comes to probiotics, the older you get, the more vulnerable your digestive system becomes. Find the best product for you and make sure to introduce some good bacteria back into your system – from 1 billion to 10 billion CFU a few days a week.

Do not forget that over time, your body undergoes various changes, as well as your organs, immune system and overall metabolism. If you feel that you cannot keep up with the changes or you feel too weak to fight on your own and with natural forces against the medical conditions or diseases that have befallen you, then it is time to remember that you can benefit from extra help, ever anything, anywhere, with just a simple probiotic supplement. The right probiotic supplement for your age is always a concern that needs your full attention, so choose it wisely.

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